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Speech to Parliament on the Way in Which the UK Should Leave the EU

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What are your thoughts on the way in which the UK Should leave the EU?

The UK should leave the EU sooner than later. As the MP for Spelthorne Constituency, I am familiar with the peoples referendum vote supporting Brexit. Such perspective is further sustained due to the realization that UKs immigration policies require speedy review. The UK Conservative Party is campaigning for Brexit and Spelthorne constituents show much interest on the issue. However, the issue is of delicate character and it demands caution to mitigate potential risks.

How would you address this issue with your constituents?

As a show of goodwill and encouragement to the exercise of sovereign freedoms, I would approach my constituents for their contributions. Such process provides the opportunity to refine relevant policies. Feedback from the electorate should be presented in parliament and the decisions made in a manner that is reflective of public interest.

Speech to Parliament

Your Majesty the Queen, Lord Speaker, Speaker of the House of Commons, Members of the House of Lords and of Commons I am grateful for the opportunity to address parliament on the matter Brexit Decision. In expressing the electorates rights to determine direct leadership, the people of Spelthorne Constituency voted me to this honorable congregation by your graces. Therefore, I will proceed to present my constituents wishes in regards to Britains motion to leave the EU. The public seems to have communicated two messages during the recent referendum exercise. The majority vote supported Brexit but the contrasting vote was too huge to ignore. Therefore, Your Majesty, Your Lords and Commons are challenged to approach the public with a motive to recognize desirable policy reviews. The decision to leave the EU is followed by the need to define supportive structures in a manner that protects the Nation and its Nationalities from economic and sociopolitical implications. Brexit has potential to affect the economy and international relations. Leaving the EU without adequate policy refinement on the part of immigrations can inconvenience UKs population or inspire hostility from our neighbors. Though the nation aims to mitigate the risks of unchecked travel, it must be cautions against damaging international labor relations. We must consider the nationals who have shown interest in living in neighboring countries and the assured benefits of importing labor from our neighbors. In concluding by address, I wish to challenge our House of Lords and House of Commons to find a solution to a question What is the best way to address the Brexit issue since it would seem that our public supports the leave cautiously?


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