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Research Paper in Political Science: Civil Rights Event. Media Coverage Event. The Parties.

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Research paper
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Civil Rights Event

The progressive ideals of the U.S government get attributed to various civil rights events some of which got realized painfully. For instance, the event that culminated in the ruling against the segregation rule regarding the education system between the blacks and whites in the U.S streamlined various sectors of the U.S administration. In a scenario that can get construed as an outright impunity and greatest height of betrayal, the rule before the ruling prescribed that African Americans could not attend same schools or any learning institutions together with the whites (Sargent, 2015). The negative impact of such a law got depicted when the African American minsters child got denied an admission in an all-white school. The case, Brown v. Board of Education proved a milestone in the emancipation of the Americans particularly the blacks in various rights including education and racial rights.

Schools remain social assets that any community that aspires reasonable development must interrogate associated issues that could jeopardize such a premise. The 1954 ruling that saw the desegregation in schools gets considered as a social milestone and civil rights event that influenced the responsibilities of state and federal authorities. American government continues to address racial disparities based on the foundation attained by the 1954 civil rights event that saw an end to segregation in schools. For instance, the ruling prescribed that state authorities abolish discrimination in all white schools with utmost speed. For instance, the Supreme Court accelerated the process of desegregation to the extent that in 1955 issued an order to effect its ruling. The desire to proclaim white superiority only thrives in an environment where racial discrimination persists (Sargent, 2015). However, the 1954 civil rights event ethically compels state authorities to allocate resources like education in ways that respect dignity regardless of racial standing.

Decency can only get achieved in a community that appreciates humanity virtues. However, the history of the U.S portrays a community that valued Whites more than colored individuals. The arrest of Rosa Parks informs another civil rights event that ethically liberated America from the brinks of racial segregation. The Montgomery Company failed in their quest of dehumanizing African American passengers in their buses especially with the successful nature of the boycott of their transport services (Sargent, 2015). The period of 1955 saw an American Government that construed the blacks as individuals with little means but outrightly violent and criminals. Nevertheless, the peaceful but intellectual protest for the Montgomery transport services proved many whites otherwise in their quest for African American dehumanization. The company lost revenues in the boycott despite their attempts to retaliate and salvage their prospects.

The impact of the bus boycott can only get construed from the proposition of benefits of civil rights event that compelled the Supreme Court to pronounce its stance on the petition filed by the Montgomery Improvement Association in which it ruled in its favor. The sound judgment continues to emancipate the U.S community in various sectors including governance and protection of civil rights (Sargent, 2015). Additionally, it led to the creation of many other associated rights movements that have not only espoused views that protect citizens but also realign Americas administration in ways that can only get described from social responsibility viewpoint.

Media Coverage Event

News media controls and influences peoples perception and general feelings towards government agency. The stories run by different media outlets sometimes deliberately get distorted to suit and create certain perceptions depending on the target audience. CNN remains fundamentally pro-democrat media that stories aired by it endeavor to portray democrat party in good light. However, the story jointly done by Phil Mattingly and Lauren Fox inform one of the media covers events that portrayed the Democrats in a bad light. Their report titled Gun control: So far, just words also established the weak nature of government institutions like a parliament that should appropriately legislate on controversial issues like gun control (Mattingly & Fox, 2017). The duo created a negative perception on the side of the general public that the legislatures from both democrat and republic cannot pass relevant laws to address misuse of weapons particularly firearms.

The government operates on the premise that the citizens donate power to the elected representatives through voting to service. Therefore, the voters remain customers for government services which include social protection. However, the cover featured an independent interview for both democratic and republican aids that admittedly failed to hold a constructive conversation on addressing the problem. Additionally, the U.S operates starling organizations regarding their performance that deals with security. For instance, the federal bureau of investigation and central intelligence agency serve as astute institutions of security and investigations globally. It is this premise that the said news media negatively portrayed them in the bad public light as gun misuse continues despite their persistence (Mattingly & Fox, 2017).

The Fox News reporting titled Trump to announce new refugee admissions cap, stronger vetting rules as ban expires aims at positively creating a positive impression of the executive as an agency (Roberts & Mears, 2017). The Republican administration continues to put tougher rules to scuttle illegal immigration into the U.S. Despite constant criticism against Trump; the Fox News event informs the public of the good intention aimed at achieving fundamental security by Trumps administration. The U.S continues to receive threats from terrorists that pose as refugees but sometimes resort to illegal acts that see them terrorize the U.S. Therefore; the executive agency remains a responsive one in the eyes of the citizens as the beneficiaries of government services including social protection (Roberts & Mears, 2017).

Democratic v Republican Parties

Democratic and Republican parties express differences premised on their political propositions. Nevertheless, such disparities in viewpoint between the two parties results in ethical issues that border ethics and moral fabrics of the entire American community. For instance, the liberal nature of Democratic Party contributes to its support for LGBT discourse. While morality varies, ethically intimate relationships persist on reproduction perspective, and any other sexual association other than heterosexual one contradicts the fundamental premise of intimate affection as espoused by the Democrats (Edwards, 2012). However, the conservative nature of the Republicans positively emancipates the U.S residents. For instance, it prescribes for flat rate taxation as opposed to the progressive taxation espoused by the Democrats. The reprieve achieved by flat taxation hurt a section of the American workers particularly those attached to low income generating activities in ways that can only get described as unethical.

Personally, the above discourse exhibits ethical concerns for the public interest of the American people. It would constitute unethical practice to interfere with the rights of a section of people that due to unexplained biological make-up get attracted intimately with the same gender. The U.S gets construed as a champion of civil rights emancipation and contradicting any tenet of realization of rights attached therein constitute an unethical concern. Therefore, the liberal nature of the democrats creates ethical concerns that can only get discussed from the public viewpoint (Edwards, 2012).



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