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Speaking to the Audience in Teaching - Paper Example

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Sewanee University of the South
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What is achieved by Speaking to the audience?

When speaking to the audience, the teacher's main is to establish a good relationship between him/her and the students where confidence is built and to develop strategies that will enable the students to excel in their studies. The teacher also expects to hear the challenges the students might be undergoing through and what they want to be adjusted that would make them feel comfortable in the classroom. The listeners need to realize that performance is significant as far as education is concerned hence they must work hard towards the achievement of good grades in the classroom.

Description of the essence of what is to be achieved.

The target of the teacher is to develop a good relationship with the students/listeners hence develop a good classroom environment where all the students will feel appreciated and will in harmony with set standards of the class hence translate in the success of the class as a whole. The teacher also strives to convince the students that his/her performance is geared towards assisting them to realize their full potential, pursue them to become successful people in the future.


The listeners are the students in a classroom set up. All of them are expected to listen except a few with certain kind of misbehaviors who will be dealt with using privately meeting them one on one to address their issues of misbehaviors. The students are met through a classroom forum where the issues related to code of conduct and academic performance are discussed. The knowledge they have is that their teacher is the best tool they would use to raise they complain and have them addressed. The experience they have is the constant, regular problem solving and the teacher have been engaging them through a variety of choice and control over what they can do best. The attitude the students have is that a lesson plan is difficult to understand and hence they need the guidance of the teacher to understand what is expected of them. They need to recognize that certain subjects are just difficult.

The speaker

As a speaker, the role of the teacher is to provide a positive classroom environment through the art of clear defining rules and instruction to the students in a manner they can synthesize. They also need to explain the lesson plan step by step and the time overdue for each activity. There should be a positive relationship between the teacher and the students established where they are motivated to learn. The credibility of what the teacher is talking about should be consolidated using positive reinforcement behavior where they model positive social skills such as patience and effective communication. The credibility is expressed through a clear statement of what is expected of the students through a set rules well explained to the students. There is also a clear statement of learning goals and immediate feedback provided.


The immediate resource available for the achievement of goals is the lesson plan and a clear statement of the classroom goals and objectives. The positive attitude of the teacher can also contribute to the achievement of goals. The opportunity is utilized through a clear statement of the lesson plan and the classroom goals to ensure the students understand their roles well in the classroom.


The obstacles existing for the achievement of success is an unaccepted conduct among other students that may result in affecting all the students in a classroom. The negative attitude that may exist either between the students and the students may affect the students and the teachers performance as well. A strategy intended to be used in addressing these obstacles include the change in the teachers attitude that is expected to be positive and the development of a positive reinforcement behavior together with the good relationship established between the student and the teachers.


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