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Essay on How Professor John Hass Displays His Paradigm as a Communication Faculty Member

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John Hass is a director and an associate professor at the school of communication studies who has skills of teaching both graduate and undergraduate. He has outstanding skills in instructing about organizational communication, research methods and interpersonal communication. Apart from offering a service as an associate professor, Hass work is featured in the American behavioral scientists, The Journal of Business Communication, Southern State Communication Journal, The International Journal of Personal Construct and the Journalism Quarterly. This essay aims at studying John Hass a professor and a key figure various segments in both education, business and psychological health, his impeccable professional skills, the research skills he uses in his profession and an explanation of how he displays his paradigm as a communication faculty member.

Having lectured the University of Ulm in Germany on useful oral communication skills in health, he has desirable research skills that made him be a key figure in Saxony Association of Pharmacists on provider recipients policies. In the American Behavioral Scientists, John Hass offers a viable study of behavior through the skills of studying ones native language since the criteria enhance association thus lessens the barriers to psychological therapy. In the Personal Construct and Journalism Quarterly, Hass has continuously supported the study of the best communication methods in Journalism thus enhancing the overall course that makes graduates succeed in the faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication.

According to the article 5 Tips for Speaking Another Language, John Hass portrays that he has excellent skills and desire to know and air out the capabilities of learning foreign languages. He displays his paradigm in public institutes like the Journal of Business Communication showing that he intends to inform the society about the relevance of learning new words to capture attention and enhance the desire of people in businesses (Hass, 2016). Additionally, John has excellent interests and skills in the study of human psychology since the study of language fluency is part of elements in the discipline of psychology.

In the book 5 Tips for Speaking Another Language, John outlined the purpose of learning a different language (Hass, 2016). The primary reason is to lessen the problems that people encounter in working stations whenever an institution contains multilingual and diverse cultures. He also outlined that gaining fluency in a foreign language enhances interactions and associations when utilizing the skills in private communication thus promoting better outcomes in businesses and working environment. Johns research skills aimed at improving global expansion and good decision making which he also outlines in position as an associate professor lecturing both undergraduate and graduates in as his main profession.

According to Hass, J. A., (2016) article, the second tip among the five tips that he communicates in the article, i.e., focus on business-relevant language shows that he also has interests in studying the global business world thus he was featured in The Journal of Business Communication. The research methodology as outlined in his biography are organizational communication using non-structured interviews, engaging in public discussions, acquiring information the research topics he gives his students and participating in various societal meetings. He also conducts his study when he chairs meetings regarding national and regional groups which offers him an ample time to learn the association and communication skills of people from diverse cultures. In his communication lectures, John employs several students based research findings in teaching ways of studying foreign languages and their relevance to human life. Additionally, John uses life experiences in expressing the significance of engaging oneself in proper foreign language study and ways of avoiding communication disrespect in associating with people from diverse cultures.


Hass, J. A., (2016). 5 Tips for Speaking Another Language Fluently. Internet Source. Retrieved on February 1, 2018 from

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