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Nursing Interventions - Paper Example

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Material required: Burchum, J. R., & Rosenthal, L.D. (2016). Lehnes pharmacology for nursing care (9th ed.). St Louis, MO: Elsevier

5:00-5:05- going through the patient family history concerning the coronary artery disease

5:05-5:20- examining patient knowledge on coronary artery infection

5:20-5:30- inquiring how long the patient sits while doing the sedentary job during the entire week

530-540- inquire if the patient does another exercise apart from 30 minute walks every day

5:40-5:50- advise the patient to work out a plan that can help her cope with other people who smoke as well as avoiding being around them.

5:50-6:00- culture is often overlooked by both family, at work station and even nationally when it comes to coronary heart diseases despite it having a big influence on heart diseases. Various culture has different dietary pattern. Inquire from the patient her cultural factors such as exercise habits, dietary pattern and health behaviors that can leads to heart diseases.

Homework: undertake some exercises after the lesion as well as coming up with ideas on how to effectively manage coronary artery infection.

Nursing intervention

Coronary artery infection is a killer disease; therefore, nursing intervention is required to help the patient manage it effectively. Several nursing interventions have been put in place to help patients with coronary artery diseases. Some of these interventions are; nitroglycerin should be kept available for immediate use, during angina episodes, nurses should monitor blood pressure as well as heart rate, the patient should be encouraged to maintain a specific prescribed diet, the patient should be encouraged to undertake regular as well as moderate exercise, and stress the importance to observe and follow the prescribed medication regimen (Snyder, 1993).

How Intervention Assist in Achieving the Outcome

Nitroglycerin is a vasodilator medicine; it helps open up the blood vessel thereby improving the flow of blood hence helps in treating blood pressure and chest pain (Butcher et al., 2013). Moreover, monitoring heart rate and blood pressure during enigma episode help the nurses to determine whether the patient is suffering from the coronary artery disease thereby giving an appropriate recommendation. Maintaining prescribe diet assist in quick recovery from the disease. Finally, following the prescribed medication helps the patient to recover from the disease thereby improving their health (Thomas et al., 2004).



Butcher, H. K., Bulechek, G. M., Dochterman, J. M. M., & Wagner, C. (2013). Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC)-E-Book. Elsevier Health Sciences.

Snyder, M. (Ed.). (1992). Independent nursing interventions. Delmar Pub.

Thomas, B. H., Ciliska, D., Dobbins, M., & Micucci, S. (2004). A process for systematically reviewing the literature: providing the research evidence for public health nursing interventions. Worldviews on EvidenceBased Nursing, 1(3), 176-184.


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