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Professional Nursing Goals

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Middlebury College
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Nursing is a challenging, diverse and a rewarding career. Having completed a bachelors of science in nursing degree, my passion for nursing has grown tremendously. Achieving the undergraduate certification has opened a door for me to work towards achieving my career dreams. I believe in the value of education, and I am committed to pursuing further education in nursing. Having been brought up in a large family, I have come to appreciate the value of children. Attaining a masters of science as a pediatric care nurse practitioner will be a dream come true. It is something I have loved since childhood when I developed a passion for nursing. As such, I have come to appreciate the value of having professional short-term and long-term goals. Goals provide and individual with a direction and purpose in life as well as offer motivation to accomplish the set objectives.

My short-term goal is to attain a master of science in pediatric nursing. A masters certification as pediatric care nurse practitioner will enable may to comprehend and apply evidence-based nursing in pediatrics. I value the power of research because it has proven to transform health care services and delivery. Apart from that, attaining a masters degree will nurture me with the skills relevant in nursing. The objective is to learn how to help children and their families to achieve optimal social, physical and emotional development. Most importantly, I will manage to integrate psychological, social, biomedical, and nursing aspects of care in delivering patient-centered care in a holistic approach. Another short-term goal is to attain the maximum number of hours required for clinical rotations and experience in the pediatric department. Clinical experience is a significant aspect towards a successful nursing career.

Moreover, to prepare myself for my ultimate professional goal, I will also pursue a doctoral degree in nursing (DNP). A doctorate in nursing practice will improve my level of experience on clinical-practice oriented leadership. Furthermore, the training will help me to be a marketable pediatric nurse practitioner in the future. However, most importantly is to complete my masters degree in high-level academic and clinical success to pave the way for a DNP program.

Achieving a nursing career is my ultimate long-term objective. Being a pediatric care nurse practitioner has always been my lifelong dream. It is the reason why I am pursuing academic prowess to prepare me for the tasks ahead. Children require a lot of specialized care to meet their developmental milestones. They are also the future doctors, nurses, managers, pilots and the likes. I look forward to serving in the pediatric unit with all my might, body, and soul to improve the well-being of children and their families. Children health is fundamental to their future because they are vulnerable to diseases at a young age. My core objective is to use research and my clinical experience to make life easy for children with medical history. I will use my effective communication skills to inspire young children to achieve anything they would wish in life.

In conclusion, if accepted into a masters of science in nursing degree, I will dedicate my time to study and clinical experience. My ultimate target is to become a pediatric care nurse practitioner, and academic excellence is core to my lifelong career plan.

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