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Same-sex Marriage Question - Essay Example

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What did these authors view as the pros and cons of promoting same-sex marriages as a goal of the gay and lesbian rights movement?

The legal rights that support gay marriage have been challenged by many groups including some religious bodies especially the Catholic bishops. At the moment, no federal law forbids gay individuals from employment, but most states are endorsing the legislation. The issue of Same-sex marriages depends on five aspects which include morality, religion, procreation, judicial involvement, family principles and the welfare of children. The altering nature of Homosexuality has attracted the scientific research that claims same-sex marriage could be genetic. Support for lesbian and gay rights have evoked different reaction according to the public opinion. According to a recent polling report conducted in 2007, the ABC news reported that 42% opposed marriages of same-sex and demanding constitutional amendments.

Historical determinants of lesbianism and gay acceptance have been changing over time making it difficult to conclude that same-sex marriage is approved. According to the supreme court of Minnesota, the marriage institution that uniquely involves man and woman and procreation is outdated. Courts believe that opposing same-sex marriage bridges individual rights. Considering the clause of equal protection the court of Hawaii ruled out cases that objected to same-sex marriages. This clause prohibits sex discrimination among homosexuals. In the year 1998, the Hawaii legislature pushed on amending the constitution to enable state legislatures to ensure marriage is between women and men only. This aimed at interpreting claims of equal protection disputable. The Defense of Marriage Act that protects marriage as an institution support other states to deny marriages between individuals of the same sex. As prescribes by this Act, marriage is recognized as a legal union between one woman and man as wife and husband of the opposite sex.

Civil unions were formed, and Vermont was the first state to recognize civil unions between lesbians and gay couples. Legal systems later argued in support of same-sex marriage implying that religion and morality hold no place in the legal structure. According to William Bennett, marriage is honorable and not a subjective construct, instituted of God on human, sexual, religious or moral realities. He further argues that any kind of argument on marriage between couples of the same sex is not necessary.

The heterosexual marriages are sanctified. Biblically, same-sex marriage is ungodly. The purpose of marriage to procreate of which couples of the same sex cannot procreate which provides proof that such unison is not legit. This is one fundamental limitation of same-sex marriage. Children need to have a father figure and a mother figure who act as the first role models in the families (Sullivan, 2004). It is advantageous for children to grow in stable homes because it natures their character and enhances what they believe in and roles in the society. However, Christs love can be reflected either in straight marriages or same-sex marriages.

According to Joe Wolverton, a renowned Professor at the State Community college, preservation of the constitution should be maintained. The moral foundation is built upon one family that is represented by a man and one woman. Western civilization should not alter the normal way of life that of our forefathers upheld (Pierceson, 2005).He emphasizes the need for preservation of tradition which promotes natural morality order. The National Association of Evangelicals argues that God designed marriage for the human race. Same-sex marriage lacks religious support. Therefore we should not design our marriage to suit our feelings and desires. The Bible outlines that God ordained marriage as a covenant relationship between a woman and a man. This relationship promotes the stewardship of earth through procreation. In effect to the changes of the constitution, no man or judge is justified to change natural laws or Gods law. Additionally, the biological aspect promotes marriage to bring together a woman and a man to give birth to the next generation which should become replacements.

Marriage should be regarded as a covenant which is sacred and not merely as a communal contract. Future generations depend on straight marriages which are essential to the continued existence of the society (Goldberg, 2010). The value of life represented by straight families directly reflects on the quality in which these generations is natured. The only certain type of relationship is the one that is capable of producing offspring through natural intercourse. Social science proves that children who are brought up by their father and mother who commit themselves to marriage grow up being prosperous, happy and healthier.

Supporting straight marriages is not discrimination. It is support of tradition which promotes natural order in the society (Siegel, 2017). When one breaks the law what the community considers wrong they are punished. Homosexual presents a situation which contradicts natural and societal expectation. Legalizing same-sex marriage has a negative for those who feel it benefits them. The issues of same-sex marriage required a comprehensive approach to analyses its impact on the society. Same-sex couples have pride, they need nothing from others but only accept themselves. This is a misconception because human engage in a mutual relationship as members of society and not necessarily as marriage partners.

Historically, the legal marriage institution has been known for many decades as a societal mechanism that channels people of opposite sex to a lifelong relationship. The couple is then obligated to provide both personal and material support to children who later become their heirs in the next generation. It is not wrong to mutually support others or love and care for them because this kind of relationship is normal among the human race. But marriage is totally a different and that individuals of the same sex should not extend it to sexual intimacy. Resources have been used to advocate for same-sex marriages instead the focus on services that are essential have been ignored. Services like HIV/AIDS control, homeless care for those living in parks and streets and cases of domestic violence have all been neglected (Kaiser, 2007). But resources have been used to change constitutional laws through amendments which is not a positive move.

Critical issues that involve national insecurity such as how to end wars that are on between Afghanistan and U.S are also not given attention as the gay manifestation. The government should focus more on Custom Enforcement raids throughout the nation; it should figure out how to stop immense immigration and focus on assaults that never end that involve those living outside conventional customs. If same-sex marriage is permitted then other kinds of marriage will also have to be allowed. The argument that if same sex is not allowed and regarded discriminatory then polyandrous, polygamous and any other type of marriage will also be supposed discriminatory. The psychological effects of such mixed arrangements will affect the mental reasoning of children. It will lead to Psyches, and irresponsible sexual relations between young people will be out of control (Andryszewski, 2011).

The argument that adults are free to do what they want with their lives is acceptable. However, in the case of growing children, they need more than just love. Distinctively they need complementary natures and qualities of parenting that involves a mother and a father. The society, therefore, wants marriage to develop a symbolic, cultural and moral values that revolve around a natural procreative relationship. It is not right to create motherless and fatherless families by design simply because of our desires as adults. Even marriages that remain childless are a collective group that longs to have children. By accepting that marriage can involve same-sex, the parenting in marriage institution will lack relevance. Therefore marriage should not be privatized, a factor that has been considered common will lead to erosion of expectations and commitments involved in the institution of marriage.

The conflict that arises because of sexual irresponsibility is expected to increase due to promiscuity and infidelity. The basic societal moral expectations of marriage will then fade away with time, and the sexual ethic of the same-sex way of living will be contained as marriage. The author postulates that the situation will become worse when cases of instability in straight marriages increases. Same-sex patterns of temporary marriage will be included in the social understanding as legit marriage. Many public marriage institutions will then be forced to accept the way of living practiced by lesbians and gay couples. Through social pressure, some individuals who strongly feel they can practice same-sex marriage end up affected psychologically (Halperin, 2009). It has been observed that straight marriages provide physical health benefits and psychological well-being because of the committed support that mostly is offered by straight marriages. Our self-interests in the matter should not cloud our thinking of what we regard equal rights in pursuit of advocating for gay and lesbian marriages.

In summary, same-gender marriage goes against the law of nature. It does not consider the need for procreation for generation continuity. Therefore same-sex marriage is obscene and should not be accepted. The society is guided mostly by the rule of law. Once the law is distorted to suit our desires, then somethings might go wrong, and coexistence can become challenging especially on matters of diversifying marriage. Marriage is purposely divine and has existed for many decades as a proactive way that assists in forming up patterns of generations. It will not be logic to stop such a trend by disobeying Gods command to multiply and fill the earth. Gay and lesbian in the society should not be approved for marriage.



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