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Historical Essay Example: Indian and French War

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The Indian and French war led to a change in the relationship between the Colonists of America and British. Due to the results of the war, the British obtained majority of the land owned by the French to the east of the River Mississippi (, 2012). The Indian and French war sprouted due to the tensions of the frontier in North America since both the British and French colonists wanted an extension of their spheres in the region. However, at the end of the war, the laws and acts passed to encompass the changes resulting from the war brought more conflicts and hence the American Revolution.

Acts passed by the Government of Britain and events that Escalated the Crown and Colonists Division

After the end of the war, the colonists sought to settle in the land that was obtained by the British from the French. However, indigenous Americans threatened to cause violence in effect. Therefore, in effect, the British government passed the Proclamation of 1763 preventing the settling of colonists in this land (Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, n.d.). The act escalated the tensions and led to the British passing another Act requiring the colonists to undertake housing provisions for troops from Britain. The colonists were not willing to undertake the obligation for housing provisions making the tensions to increase in the country.

Great Britain realized that the factors that triggered the rebellion by Pontiac were the movement of land grabbing settlers into the Appalachian Mountains. The Colony, in addition, realized they needed to develop a plan to establish the development of the areas obtained. King George III in response issued the 1763 Proclamation (Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, n.d.). The decree provided that there was a prohibition for settlement in the Appalachian Mountains and also required that those who had settled in the west if the mountains to move to the east.

More division resulted since the settlers that had fled their land during the war wanted to go back to their homes. Significantly, the settlers that had fought in the British troops felt betrayed since the land was perceived as a spoil of war (Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, n.d.). Wealthy settlers who had developed the region through the Ohio Company, Mississippi Company and Loyal Company were troubled since they had invested heavily in the land hence causing further division.

The British government, in addition, passed tax laws that enforced the colonists to pay for the costs of managing the colonies. The laws being passed without the consent of the colonists caused more tensions and the need for revolution (Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, n.d.). The British government was willing to ensure the Americans paid their taxes incompletion since their citizens back in Britain were paying more. This dispute between the Americans and the British was a catalyst for further division.

Grievances Stated in Independence

The inhabitants of the North American English colonies were eligible for various rights, charters, and principles including; that individuals are entitled to liberty, rights, and property and do not cede to a sovereign power. In addition, they have the right to dispose of either element (, 2017). Secondly, the American ancestors that settled in the colonies due to immigration were significantly entitled to the liberties, immunities, and rights of natural born and free subjects within the English realm (, 2017). Thirdly, the descendants of the said immigrants were to enjoy similar freedoms and rights.


The Indian and French war marked the beginning of the American Revolution. The results of the war led to the implementation of various acts and laws that caused further frustrations. The laws and acts caused division between the British and the colonists and hence led to division and hence the American Revolution. Violence inevitably broke out and led to fighting for independence by the colonists.


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