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Essay Sample on Good Parenting

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Raising of children in the current technologized society is one of the most significant challenges humans have ever faced. The society has been changing at a faster rate with the current issues of globalization. The technological advancements have not only changed the ways of doing things but have also impacted the family unit through the information that is shared. Despite the challenges that are there in the society, parents still have a mandatory duty to raise their children in an upward. This assignment discusses how good parenting in the current society helps to foster good behaviors among the children such as self-control, kindness, self-reliance, honesty among many others.

The first significant principle of good parenting that promotes ethical behavior among the children is the behavior of the parents. The parents must understand that they are always the role models to the children. In almost all the cases, their children would borrow a lot of their behaviors from the actions of the parents. Parents respond to this by ensuring that they expose their best behavior to the children. The act of portraying the proper reactions to the children is an essential step in right parenting since they would be emulating good behaviors only. The parents must be keen on the habits that would aid in bringing out the best out of their children. For example, practices such as the use of the drugs of abuse must be highly avoided while trying to raise children uprightly (Hay et al., 2017).

Good parenting also involves understanding the level of love. Love is a dominant force that must be utilized for the excellent well-being of children. Most parents often confuse love to include showering their children with gifts and all the lovely things. However, loving the children is more than just buying stuff that would please their feeling. Good parenting appreciates that there is need to instill discipline in the children. This process of disciplining the children involves punishing them. All the actions required for upright behavior must be adhered to while raising the children. The parents should never love priority to over the right behavior for their children (Malone, 2017).

According to Malone, (2017) good parenting also involves being involved in the welfare of the child. This is a great challenge in the modern day life since the world is ever busy and the parents find it difficult to have time for their children. The best way to have the attention of children is by showing the children how to do things such as the routine house chores. The parents help the children to learn the usual manual activities. These activities form the basis of any raising children who are versatile and well-mannered. The parent should never confuse this act with helping the children do their work. The role of the parents, in this case, revolves around giving guidance and advance rather than doing the job on their behalf. This is the best way to promote honesty and hard work in the children (Malone, 2017).

Moreover, good parenting would entail promoting self-reliance in the heart of a child. The first step in the achievement of this good trait involves appreciating that part of being human requires rebellion and breaking away. The parents, therefore, have a duty to be a little lenient on the dos and donts that define their relationship with the children. Giving the children autonomy of choice with regards to the decision made and the activities involved in promoting the belief in self among the children. Children who are self-reliant can make more informed choices thus becoming better people in the society. The results of this process would have a young generation that is well equipped to make choices that would help to enhance their survival in the society (Suissa, 2017).

On the other hand, excellent communication also helps a great deal in the promotion of good parenting. The children are always in need of proper guidance. Correction and appraisal is part of the process of giving the direction. The appraisal should ever be done in such a manner that it does not incite jealousy among the children. Moreover, the rebuke should never be too harsh such that it discourages the children. The reprimand should only correct the children and ensure they act according to the standard behaviors (Suissa, 2017).

Finally, right parenting involves treating the children with great respect. Respect is a two-way thing and therefore, this is the best way of ensuring that the children learn how to manage other people. As they are treated with respect, they grow knowing that the best way to handle other people is to do things that are considered respectable. The result would be having well-behaved children part of what forms the dream of every parent (Hay et al., 2017).

In conclusion, parenting is very critical in the general well-being of any human. The environment shapes the children through its influence based on the experience gathered. The parents play critical in ensuring that the ambiance has limited influence on who they become. The parents must ensure they guide the direction their children follow in life. This is only attainable if the parents take their time and invest in proper parenting.



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