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Questions on Research Paper Parts

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What type of research study is the most comfortable for you?

Quantitative research involves gathering numerical data with an objective of answering various questions. The data collected is then counted, and later on, analyzed and modeled using various statistical models. Some of the tools used to gather this of information include questionnaires. These questionnaires either have yes/no questions or multiple choice questions. The information gathered is subjected to statistical modeling after thorough examination and analysis. I am comfortable with this type of study since it is easy to gather numerical data and in instances where data is not easily accessible one can always rely on secondary sources. Again this type of research is relatively reliable due to its inclusivity. Quantitative researchers can give accurate results because their survey samples are relatively large hence allowing room for participation by many people with varying opinions. These different opinions are studied and analyzed through statistical processes. Unlike qualitative studies, quantitative studies give researchers a chance to analyze the correlation between dependent and independent variables.Questionnaires can be administered to different groups of people who provide the required information. It is also more reliable as compared to qualitative research. Questionnaires are also easy to administer. Moreover, quantitative studies are useful when making the comparative analysis as they used standardized methods (Kelle, 2006). The manner in which the data is presented makes it easier to understand the subject matter and draw conclusions easily (Vogt, 2007). This type of research is interesting as it provides empirical evidence for various economic aspects.

How did participating in discussions help your understanding of the subject matter? Is anything still unclear that could be clarified?

Discussions are very helpful since they help people understand the subject matter way better as opposed to individuals on their own. Discussions allow people to respond and ask questions regarding the subject. Discussions arouse participants curiosity and sharpen their thinking capacity. Discussions helped me understand this course especially because different people had very diverging opinions on various aspects. After each discussion, I was left feeling like I knew less than the other participants which challenged me to read intensively and dig deeper for more information. Discussions were also able to answer some of the questions that were initially. Involvement of many different people also helps to enhance learning since there is a lot to borrow from people with different capacities and abilities.

Has this course assisted you in understanding data presented in research studies that you come across in your daily life (work or personal)? Explain.

Yes, this course has helped me understand data presented in earlier research studies. Having learned various statistical methods and approaches it is easier to now analyze and interpret various statistical and financial data I have come across before. For instance, initially I did not understand the process of hypothesis formulation and the use of regression and correlation coefficients, but after the course, I was able to understand how the two models are used to explain various economic aspects. For example, using correlation model, I could easily interpret the relationship between labor productivity and the national output. Through interpretation of statistical data, I was also able to understand the relationship between mortality rate and labor productivity. After going through this course, it became easier to comprehend different statistical sampling methods and approaches to data interpretation.



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