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Research Question of Interest

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The research problem revolves around communication, how communication and communication channels are affected. In the past, I have had a chance to travel to different continents and countries, and while there I realized how people communicate both verbally and non-verbally is different. By observing how people behave in the deferent natural environment, it is apparent variance in communication is identified. For example, people in China communicate differently from people in the United States. Also, people with a close relation make strong connection unlike people who-who meet for the first time. Due to the communication differences identified, it is in my interest to explore why and how culture influences communication. The research question, in this case, is how cultural difference influence communication.

In any research, it is essential to do a thorough analysis before coming up with an assumption. In this case, for example, I need to understand how and why culture influences communication. As a result, such knowledge can only be achieved optimally by carrying out thorough research. To best address the question, it is necessary to consult and carry out a detailed investigation in different fields that relate to the topic and also apply different research techniques. The problem of study, in this case, is not scientific. However, it is more theoretical. In this case, the research will apply qualitative research method. In the process, I will also read past work of famous scholars such as Hofstede's who come up with the Hofstede cultural dimension that evaluate how people from different culture behave and why. Based on Hofstede theory, it will be easy to understand why communication varies across culture. Also in the study, I will examine few people in my neighborhood who are from different cultures. It is also necessary to apply different principles and theories such as culture dimension theory that define and explain how culture and intercultural interactions occur and the factors influenced.

How cultural difference influence communication is the research topic. Culture varies across the globe and culture influence behavior of which behavior is considered as communication. The channels of communication across different culture change, also the verbal and none verbal communication. For example, in some African countries, I have visited the woman, or the young girls are expected to kneel when communicating with the elders or their husbands. In the united stated such customs are not prevalent and are not practiced unless by immigrants.

Covering the research topic will help the class, and myself understand why some communication strategies applied in the United States cannot be relevant in many outside countries. For example, for the person going to start a business in China from the united stated needs to know that the business language used in the United States will not be well received in China and therefore, learning of the China culture will be necessary for the businessman to sell and communicate set objectives efficiently. Also doing the research will help the student, and myself acquire new learning, learning that will help one understand why people interact and behave differently. Such knowledge helps one understand why it is necessary to respect other cultures and communication strategies. The last reason as to why the research problem is essential is because it is a basis for new learning. The topic will help broaden one's knowledge and perspective of life in general.

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