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Essay Sample on Quasi-Experimental Design

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A quasi-experiment is a mode of study which is used to determine the degree of impact that a given intervention has on the targeted population without carrying out of a random assignment. In a quasi-experiment, the researcher is in charge and controls the study or the research to the required treatment condition. During the assignment, the researcher uses various criteria but not a random assignment. The Quasi-experiment helps the researcher to be in a position of identifying the general trends that are gotten from the results especially while dealing with disciplines that are related to social science. The quasi-experiment is considered as being more feasible since it does not have logistical and time constraints as compared to other true experimental designs.

The main limitation of the quasi-experiment is that it does not take into consideration the pre-existing factors and as well as other influences that could affect the study since the variables are less controlled. The method does not use a random assignment for the test groups, and this results in the use of non-equivalent test groups which acts as a limitation while working with a larger population as it will greatly affect the results and the conclusions made tend to be less definitive.

The article used in this essay was a study that was carried out concerning a research-based strategy for managing housing adaptations using a quasi-experimental trial. The study involved three municipalities which are located in South Sudan. The study was mainly aimed at helping the disabled in the society to easily adapt to their housing in the environment that they are living in by elimination of various barriers. Some of the enhancements that were discussed in the study that can assist the disabled to adapt to their home easily include installation of a shower, installation of grab bars and removal of thresholds. According to the study higher housing standards can help in reducing disability and also help in the stabilizing of daily activities as well as the health of the disabled. In the study, the dependent variable that was used is the housing adaptations while the independent variables were the strategies that were to be enforced ("research-based strategy for managing housing adaptations: study protocol for a quasi-experimental trial," 2014).

The research exemplifies the quasi-experimental since while carrying out the experiment the researchers keep on changing the housing adaptation practices to his preference. While at the control site the researchers tend to work according to their own regular housing adaptation routine. The sites that were used for the study had a similar inclusion but used different criteria for the clients. The clients were not given an equal chance to participate in the study, but rather it only involved individuals who are non-institutionalized and are over 20 years old and as well as they do apply for the housing adaptation grant. The groups used were not randomly assigned since individuals had to meet various requirements. The quasi-experiment design that was used in this study is the non-equivalent groups. The researcher used a particular type of participants in the study.

The researcher was able to have a viable conclusion from the results since the participation was voluntary and hence no one was forced to give the information. Forcing an individual to provide information would have resulted in the individual giving false information. The researcher provided the [participants with the relevant information both written and oral regarding the study that helped them to give their consent and feedback. The sample used involved 117 participants from each of the municipality to help evaluate the effect of the intervention. The sample size was based on the assumption that housing adaptation can be used in the control and experimental municipality but at the experimental site is where the housing adaptation has a greater impact. To enhance the validity of the study, the researchers ensured the leaders of the project arranges seminars to improve the adherence and compliance with the protocol of the study. The seminars were meant to help enhance the researches competence to analyze and asses data. The participant's contacts were as well taken to seek clarification whenever the need arises. The quasi-experiment significantly affected the researcher's decision since he demonstrated the cause and effect. It only helped assess how a given housing design affects the satisfaction of a given client.

In conclusion, this article helps me understand how to carry out my study topic. It assists me to understand how I should choose my participants to be used in the control experiment. The article helps me know how I should calculate my sample size to get the total number of individuals who should be used in the study. The article has helped me know how I will differentiate between the independent and dependent variables and how they affect each other.


A research-based strategy for managing housing adaptations: study protocol for a quasi-experimental trial. (2014, November 29). Retrieved from

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