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Research Proposal Example: Responsive Web Design as the Future of Web Design

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Harvey Mudd College
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Research proposal
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It is no doubt that "Webdes" responsive design is the future of web design globally since its architecture is mostly compatible with a responsive design which is now the future of web design. Webdes has managed to do this in some ways. Firstly, Responsible web design is meant to make the developer's life considerably easy during the development of the web. Undeniably, this has been best achieved by Webdes very efficiently. Since the device is external, once you input it, all you need to do is personalize your web according to your personal and unique preferences for your business. This not only reduces the level of technicality required in web developing, but it also ensures that the web developed is satisfactory.

Secondly, with every technology advancement there is a new requirement of usability. The responsive web design completely revolutionizes usability, and so does Webdes.". Because of the various requirements of tablets, smartphones and personal computers, Webdes ensures that your web is working seamlessly. It is meant to reduce developers headaches of creating not one, but two or more webs for each of the various devices, through Webdes developers now only create one web that is viewed on every one of these devices.

Thirdly, the main focus of any responsive web design is the navigation. Tracking your details and information on the web should be very easy and done very fast. Webdes ensures that users can easily navigate the web without any glitches met along the way. Since it is external from the computer, its capacity to complete its functions is not limited to the specs of the device of a user. Ultimately, it is clear that Webdes is very similar to responsive web design on many levels.

Functionality of Webdes

The Webdes device has been developed by modern technology to ensure that web developed are of the required quality. Once the device is plugged in, it automatically gives you options for the types of the web you would like to develop. The pre-installed options in the device appear on your monitor.

For instance, in the case of the proposed responsive design 2, where you require to build a health service web; Once you plug in the device, uploading the logo to creating a system that allows patients to book online, request engagement, and even purchase medicines online all is done. The device due to its high storage capacity enables you to include components such as employee category, patient assigned index.

Since the device is made with a configurable GUI, which allows users to manage preferences, the device comes with plug-ins including medical history, statistics, video chats, and ratings. These additional plug-ins are readily available in the database that comes with the device; it is only the developers work to customize them to the requirements.

Offline capability

Webdes comes as an external device having all the components it requires to function, within it. This enables the device to perfectly import and export information to the computer when they are offline.

Role of Share point

The 2017 SharePoint will store most of the data SQL server databases; therefore the operator will require knowledge of SQL and windows server. The main purpose of the SharePoint is to develop custom web parts and components that would integrate together.

Also, another fundamental purpose of the SharePoint is to Collect, receive, transform, validates and maps both functional and non-functional requirements. For our case, since we are developing a developing web device, and on many occasion, most web will have unique requirements, thus for the design we will use both the 2017 and 2013 versions.

Explaining the first

The writer gives to arguments, both by (Ewer, 2012) where one claims responsive web design is not suitable for individual websites relying on heavy graphic imagery, mainly because some of these heavy graphics might not be compatible with Smartphone.

He goes ahead and argues that responsive design, defeats your expectation by moving screen objects and throwing off users expectations. This means that responsive design surpasses the user expectations when they are using the web due to the seamless nature of the responsive web design.


How do you intend to make your device more user-friendly?

What are the main key security features that come with your device?

Do you understand design patterns? What design patterns have you used on your device and in what situations?

How accurate will your device exports be?

Can your device be updated?

How will your device manage web application conflicts when different people are using the same data?

What diagrams did you use in designing parts of the architecture?

How do you ensure your device can handle various kind of error-problems?

What tools are essential to you for testing the quality of your device?

Number of proposed designs

Webdes your device, and the responsive designs are the types of web development design your Webdes device can perform.

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