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Essay Example: Health Care in the United States

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The United States of America is popularly known across the world for its wealth, freedom and democracy. Health care should not be compared to other ordinary commodities, but instead, its a gift which should not be limited or dependent on the ability of an individual to pay for it. The citizens and the legal residents of the United States should have affordable and basic health care which should be treated as a human right which the government should also play an essential role in and the importance of the Affordable Care Act.

Health care in America should be treated as a fundamental right for its citizens and not like a product that should be sold and bought. When healthcare is funded as a basic human right, the medical services will be made available and accessible to all the people including the less fortunate including those who are from poor background. When the healthcare sector is treated as a human right, it bestows various responsibilities on the government.

In the United States, an average American usually spend approximately $7,900 every year on their health care expenses. This results in the bankruptcies of most of the citizens while the money could be invested in other sectors that could help to improve the American economy. The government should play their role in ensuring that its citizens have insurance covers that will help them have easy access to the medical facilities. The health insurance covers will enable every citizen to have access to health services without discrimination throughout their lives which in turn will result in adults working more productively, children excelling in their studies, and all the Americans will live longer and have lives that are healthier.

The Affordable Care Act in the United States is a vital legislation in a country as it plays a great role in ensuring that its citizens get access to high-quality health care services which they can afford as well. The policymakers should ensure that they utilize the Affordable Care Act by the implementation of more health insurance marketplaces. They should also reform the delivery system, introduce a public option in the areas that lack individual market competition, increase financial assistance for the marketplace enrollees and as well as take various actions that ensure that the costs of drug prescription are reduced so that everyone gets access to those services. The Affordable Care Act should be made better in the USA since it has played a major role in ensuring that most of the United States population gets insured since the Act was implemented as a law. Through the help of the Affordable Care Act, the number of the uninsured have reduced from 49 million which is equivalent to 16.05% in 2010 to 29 million which is equal to 9.1% in 2015.The change was mostly experienced after the main provisions of the laws primary coverage took effect in 2014.

In conclusion, health care is a fundamental right for all the US citizens and should not be treated as a privilege. The government should help in the implementation of a national health care program. It should ensure that its citizens are insured and that everyone has the right of accessing the health care facilities regardless of their background, gender or race. Through this, they will help in reducing the costs incurred by the Americans in catering for their medical bills since they will be living a healthy life as they can medical checkups easily to prevent a disease from spreading or becoming worse. When the health of the citizens is treated as a human right, the economy of the country also progresses as well.

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