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Research Paper Example - Health Care Project

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University of Richmond
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Research paper
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This report indicates an assessment of the project and is used by senior management to evaluate the success of the project. It aids identification of best practices for future projects, resolving open issues and it formally uses to close a project. The purchase will improve Joslin Diabetes Clinic patient handling capacity which will enhance the organizational capacity. The data systems will have objectives of ensuring that patient data is well protected and also to provide data when required by the hospital readily. There is the risk that is associated with the company not purchasing new storerooms, wheelchairs, storage cabinets, consultation rooms, and an office. The efficiency associated with these items is of high value, and failure to purchase will render the company operations ineffective.

Checklist Comments

All deliverables completed to the required quality All deliverable that including filesystems have been correctly delivered and are of the right quality

All invoices & cross charges paid (if applicable) All invoices have been paid in time.

Final cost of project established (please state) The final project cost is yet to be established 0

Project documentation completed Project documentation has been correctly completed

Risks and Issues closed or resolved Issues of data systems incompatibility were solved and systems are up and running to provide the services intended.

Handover to organization complete The handing over of the project systems is yet to be done by project managers.

Potential further work or follow on activity The project technicians will closely monitor the progress of systems and ensure that any systems problems are solved.

Achievement of the Projects Benefits

The project is currently in use in the hospital to secure patients data. Proper retrieval and storage of data is efficient. Duplication of data is not possible as the systems have secure patients data.

Performance Against Original Schedule

The project performed as proper systems enabled storage of data possible. The system security systems protected patient data from external attacks. However, there were delays due to delays in delivery operating systems to the hospital for installation. Installation took more time as shortage of staff was experienced due illness and outsourcing of technicians was done to rectify the situation to finish within the stipulated time.

Performance Against Original Forecast Costs & Resources

The project costed more than the actual budget. This was due to technicalities that were involved like changes in prices of systems and outsourcing of technicians. The file systems costed more as those that were budgeted for were incompatible.

Impact of Approved Changes & Raised Exceptions

The system should be added a feature to enable it be compatible with Android.

The interface should be designed to ensure stronger interaction.

Removing bugs in the system.

The changes require more money to effect these changes and improve quality. The project manage had to sure more resources to ensure it is done. The main reason to change the system is to ensure that it is user friendly.

Summary of Key Project Issues & Resolutions

Incurring more costs

Incompatibility of system design

A lot of Time wasted

These issues above impacted the project greatly. These issues can be avoided by proper planning and proper cost estimation, better decision making from technicians and evaluating the best time for project to be implemented.

Lessons Learned

It is important to take into consideration time and costs. There were negative experiences of incurring costs that were not budgeted for. The technicians should improve their choice of systems that are compatible.

Project Managers Commentary

Project sponsor did a good job with the tem to ensure project completion was don e and necessary support needed was offered.

Future Benefits Realization

Benefit How will this be measured? Who will take ownership? When will the benefit be realised / measured?

Cost reduction and better storage for patients data Through reduction in time for assessing reports and the money it would have costed the hospital to store all data in excel The hospital The benefits will be realized as the system start offering the services to patients.



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