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Essay on Forming a Team and Selecting the Members

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Sewanee University of the South
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When establishing a collaborative team environment, there are characteristics of individual team members that are important. The first one is problem-solving, it is an important element in a team as the individual helps to give suggestions, alternatives, and solution on how to tackle a task at hand. Another characteristic is communication. According to (Runde & Flanagan, 2007), under engaging constructive one of the points is to listen for understanding whereby one listens before they respond which enables smooth flow of communication among team members. The last characteristic is decision making: This is important as members share out their ideas to help solve the team's tasks at hand. It creates an assertive team that meets goals.

There are characteristics of individual team members that are most likely to lead to team dysfunction or lack of collaboration. One of them is lack of accountability. This involves members not taking responsibilities for their actions or tasks given. To avoid this, make team members give an update on their progress and task assigned. Another characteristic is lack of trust. Lack of trust leads to emotional conflicts and debates to rise among the team members. According to CITATION Len \l 1033 (Lencioni), if there is no trust, members will not engage in open, constructive, ideological conflict. They will preserve their thoughts. Let members interact during team/ outdoor activities. The last characteristic is lack of commitment CITATION Joh10 \l 1033 (John T. Byrd, 2010). In such a case, members do not participate in teams` task or sharing their ideas for decision making. This can be mitigated by making members participate and contribute to the solution by assigning them to assign tasks.

A manager can make the team to be productive and successful by creating a conducive environment. This is done by investing in signature relationship practices to foster communication among members. Another way is to create gift cultures by mentoring and coaching members on how to work as a team. Lastly, the manager can model collaborative behaviors to be role models in collaboration with senior members



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