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The Functions of Management and the New Organization - Paper Example

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Ideally, there exist many errors in Mr. Wests argument. The assessment he did on Fayols functions of management is viewed to be unclear. Technically, Fayol came up with a practical list of principles that was helpful in teaching the managers on how to interact and organize with workers in a more productive manner. Hence, his affirm choice on not modifying his current system of management is entirely based on an incorrect analysis of Fayols model. Comparatively, the Fayols model encouraged effective and positive interactions with the personnel in the organization to plan and control production. Through the argument raised by Fayol, management is supposed to direct and encourage personnels activity which plays an essential role in enhancing various personnel working together in a cooperative approach(Fayol,2016).West identified that Fayol didnt preach management control and had no patience for human resource theory, this raises no effect. Making sure that cooperate resources and human resource are being used in most efficient and effective means possible when it comes to achieving corporate objectives is not actually how West is currently conducting its management.

Debating on the application of management theories in the manufacturing business, what comes out is that management theories apply to a manufacturing business. Gordon should focus his explanation on the evolution in Fayols functions of management and should ensure that there is a big difference between leading and managing and hence it is essential to embrace the human aspect of the organization Lumen Learning. (n.d). According to Wests current twentieth-century management, Gordon should not do away with it entirely; however, make some modification as represented by the Fayols theory. Making focus on West regarding handling out his duty as a manager, he supposed to learn on efficiently allocating the organizational technological, natural and financial resources .In case Gordon could have explained how the theory of Fayol grew to involve staffing, then West could have adapted.

Technological advancement has changed the workplace and given an opportunity for workers flexibility and preference. It has offered employers like Biotech to provide more flexible working arrangements regarding telecommuting and flextime. Telecommuting and flextime are some of the good strategies that will empower workers like Gordon on coming up with a convenient environment and scheduling their working time. In coming up with a strong virtual team and building good relationships between workers, health work life will play an essential role in encouraging creativity and productivity of Biotech workers.

Since the design of an organization is influenced by various factors that involve the diversity of the organizations and the size of the company, it is important to note that Google will be fluent and quick when it comes to adopting the new changes in managerial technology and theories rather than Biotech. Making changes to teleworking would be much easier for Google since it is already operating in a technical work environment.


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