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Quotes Insights on Finding the First Job - Critical Thinking Example

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Critical thinking
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Ive seen my share of rookie mistakes. We all make them. But we make fewer when we prepare and practice.

The author emphasizes the fact that as human beings, we are bound to errors in most aspects including during job interviews. He uses his experience as a leadership coach and cites the case of an interviewee who failed to research on what the company did. A mistake in the final words he said disqualified the job seeker. With this, rookie mistakes define the faults that we may consider as being very small, but the effects are indeed massive. These include improper dressing code, poor articulation, lack of etiquette, and lack of research into the firm.

If you see a listing that appeals for you, go for it. Many skills can be picked up on the job.

This statement stems from the fact that research has shown that men tend to apply for jobs even if they do not meet the qualifications. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to apply for jobs that they are 100% qualified. In the real sense, waiting for jobs that we meet the full requirements reduces the chances of ever getting that first job. All employment chasers should be bold and open-minded to any work provided they are ready and willing to be trained.

Unless your plan is to be a rock star, youll need a resume. So make a good one. This testimonial is symbolic and satirical at the same time. The intention here is not to discredit the rock stars, but instead, this is an aim to convince people that unless you have a unique talent whose outcome is already visible, then it is imperative to have a resume which sells you out. This statement implies that the information and the language used in the resume should make anyone looking at it to consider it time worthy to invite you for an interview.

Start by mining your own connections. Talk to your family, teachers and friends and their friends and colleagues.

The emphasis on networking can never be done enough times. It is necessary to stress this point to students, job seekers and even those who are already employed. Personal contacts in prospective firms serve the purpose of providing insight and relevant information on vacancies as well as how to ace that interview. For this reason, having a decent LinkedIn profile is an advantage.

Nothing feels better than peeling off stockings and putting on sweats after an interview.

Interviews are the most hectic and stressful moments in life. This tension results from the fact that every action and word is crucial and instead of being free, we tend to tread carefully. After spending time in front of the interviewing panel, one gets the feeling of having weights lifted off his/her shoulders. Finally, he/she can go back to a state of normalcy. This quote is symbolic of this situation and is a perfect way to begin waiting for feedback.

Finding your first job is a challenge, but its one you can meet with preparation, perseverance, and optimism.

As part of the conclusion, Mindy Levy underlines the fact that it is difficult to acquire the first employment. The references to preparation, perseverance, and optimism simply denote that finding that job does not start in the interview room, but instead, it is progressive. This is right from school by getting relevant certificates. It then extends to building connections, designing a curriculum vitae, and doing exhaustive research on job opportunities. Optimism continues to the patience required while hunting for the opportunities and the ability to keep going without losing hope. It also defines the confidence necessary to follow up after interviews and to build a rapport with interviewers to be notified of other opportunities in future in case one does not get the job. This quote serves as a summary of the entire article.


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