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Psychology Essay Example: Lack of Communication Within a Relationship

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Harvey Mudd College
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Communication is one of the most important aspects of every relationship. The lack of it always causes misunderstandings which many at times, bring division between the individuals. Relationships advisors contend that, for a relationship that lacks communication, it is almost impossible for the partners to get on the same page with one another and hence difficult to keep the relationship afloat. This being said, the core intent of this essay is to discuss the adverse effects that result from the lack of communication in any relationship.

To begin with, lack of communication brings about unresolved conflicts. This mainly means that anger and resentments are fostered and this, in turn, can lead to the escalation of the conflict. Despite the fact that arguments and disputes are inevitable in every relationship, lack of communication leaves a lot of them unresolved and hence posing a threat to the relationship. Similarly, where there is little or no communication in a relationship, partners fail to talk to each other enough and this means that their problems are never resolved which subsequently created a lot of negativity between them.

Besides, loneliness is another effect of the lack of communication in a relation. In this regard, not communicating in a relationship makes one or both parties to feel isolated from the other. Loneliness, on the other hand, may cause an individual to withdraw from social activities and as a result becoming emotionally vulnerable, stressed and in some extreme cases, lead to depression. In a similar regard, the lack of communication makes partners to make negative interpretations. For instance, owing to the fact that communication is considered vital since it allows the exchange of emotions, the lack of it leaves room for the formation of a psychological block between the parties involved. This, in essence, may make a person interpret everything that their partner does in the wrong way.

Also, when partners do not communicate, they leave room for hatred and negative thoughts which makes them not to express their feelings with one another genuinely. This, in turn, damages the emotional bond between the partners and that which helps keep the relationship together. Also, the distance between partners that is as a result of lack of communication leaves no room for emotional co-dependency, which is considered the general core value that any form of relationship proffers to an individual.

Lack of communication also brings about distrust in a relationship which in turn, creates an environment for conflicts. Particularly, if one party begins to doubt the other in their relationship, the other person may start to feel accused. In the same vein, when distrust is allowed in a relationship, it becomes very difficult and in most cases impossible to restore what the partners feel for their significant other. In this case, it is easy for a mere suspicion to turn into an obsession that most probably ruins the relationship, in the end, leading to a breakup.

In conclusion, based on the above-discussed effects, it is evident that communication is the glue that holds a relationship together. This means that a relationship has sporadic chances of thriving its prime when communication is not incorporated. Therefore, the key to a healthy relationship is for both parties to allow for an efficient and unhesitant flow of communication, as much as possible. This virtually ensures that every misunderstanding and conflict is solved without hesitation.

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