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The Reasons for Clothing - Essay Sample

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Research paper
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Even though there have been many explanations as to the reasons for clothing, results have shown that man is known to have clothed since time immemorial right from the Stone Age times to cover his body with the use of leaves, grass, tree backs, and the animal skins. However, there has been gradual advancements in making and weaving the natural fibers. A man wears clothes for various reasons which include: protection, group identity, consumerism and lastly for personal expression. Thus from the above reasons, one can understand that clothing is one of the essential basic need for a man.

Clothes are known to produce an outstanding first impression and is a necessity of life. They are as well known to be a source of embarrassment as a popped button can be exposing a pale stomach. Also poorly done clothing can reveal one's body or even fall and this is a sad expression. However, an adequately groomed person will fetch proper respect and a higher reputation (Goldsmith, & Clark 2012). Clothing also protects from the natural calamities like the storms. Man is also protected from Cold, sunlight, and heat by the dress worn. Clothing is there for different weathers and seasons. For instance, during the winter, woolen clothing is used. Fireproof clothes are also used for protection against fire. In the farming sector and when handling chemicals there are specific clothes that are worn for protection against contact with the corrosive and harmful chemicals (Henriksson, Lundgren, & Bjornstig 2012). Clothing is also used for identity. School children can easily be identified by the uniform they wear. In other cases, nurses, police officers, advocates, and others have distinctive uniforms that define them. The code of dressing will also reflect more about the nationality, culture, and character of the one who wears such clothing (Carrera, & Lameiras 2012).For as long as man exists, clothing will always be wear clothing for the purposes of protection, group identity, consumerism and personal expression. Clothing has been used even in the present for all human societies. Many of todays societies choice of clothing is more than just being presentable but a part of the way they present themselves to the world. It is because of the importance of clothing that many people love their clothes and give them priority.



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