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Process Essay: How to End an Unhealthy Relationship

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In the implementation of a variety of occasions and events, most of the performances require a sequence of processes to expedite their functionality and end. As people say, one may choose to follow through the process, while on the other hand, another may decide not to follow on the process. Yes! People are handling diverse elements that in one way or the other are complex or require a concatenation of operations or incidents. In broader contexts, it is significant to guarantee that such issues gain the recognition they deserve which might mean adhering to a specific process to help in governing them (James et al. 123-128).

In the review of this exposition, I will look at giving a discussion concerning a process. It does not involve a detailed process but an advisory writing. It will provide on how to quit a toxic or unhealthy attachment. Also, give on the specifics on what needs doing to ensure one realizes the goal without causing unnecessary events. It looks into the definition of the issue, representation, advice, give on examples, and also of the process together with the pros/cons and analysis.


What is an unhealthy relationship? Ideally, when someone hears about an unhealthy relationship, different issues, for instance, a romantic connection grows to mind. A link doesnt have to be passionate in any case for it to occur within the classification of toxic relationships. It takes more of personal knowledge and relation to another individual to understand different types of unhealthy relationships. These bonds may entail and comprise the employer-employee relationship, mother-daughter, friendship, brother-sister, work mate, among other varying kinds of relationships.


However, for a relationship to be termed toxic, it does not entail physical harassment or other occurrences but involves a collection of happenings. If a connection is drawing more strife than love, then it is toxic. If someone is consistently bringing you down regardless of the matter at hand, then the relationship is noxious. Several phrases define the position of an unhealthy relationship, but it is fundamental to understand that it comes from a peculiar perception and understanding. It is imperative to dispute a link that is bringing you down and one that is expanding and growing you.

Moreover, in most cases, the individual performing the acts of bringing the other down several times may not be aware of the happening while in other happening the person may be aware of the occurrence. For example, a person might be hurting the other in a relationship through their actions, and it might be a slip; however, if it happens consistently, then the events are unwarranted. Additionally, there are different types of unhealthy relationships which are evident from some signs. These signs render and deliver the actual spectacle of the bond and help show on the relevant examples of bad relationships. They may include, the lack of support, lack of respect, prioritizes in the wrong places and also a presence of abuses.

Process to End an Unhealthy Relationship

As a guide to end an unhealthy relationship. It entails a series of steps or a process. Firstly, one should comprehend and get clear when it is time to terminate the relationship. In every relationship, struggles are a part of the entire package. However, when things get to a certain point (fracture point), this is where you have to choose whether to cross the line or recover. Before one decides to end a toxic relationship, it is critical to understand whether you are ready to close it or not (saying goodbye). One may have hurdles that make you feel small and lesser of a person, it is vital to note on the essential aspects and ensure that one understands the implications. If you are happier out of the relationship, realizing the time to end the relationship is necessary.

After acknowledging the time to leave the relationship, it is now appropriate to accept the change and grieve. It is a natural process comprising emotions that happens in case something comes to an end. It is a vital step in ending a harmful and toxic relationship. The stage involves accepting the sentiments of holding and understanding that sadness is healthy and everything will be fine. It is a fundamental stage since most people are dominant at this stage rendering them to turn to over-thinking and numbing. It necessitates feeling the pain which as a result aids in letting go the toxic relationship. Acceptance is a vital stage of many occurrences.

Next, taking responsibility for the things at hand and the outcomes is meaningful. It is challenging to take responsibility for the damage done; however, it revolves around making sure everything is evident in the context of the relationship. Once you move through the magnitude of the emotions, then taking responsibility should follow next. The responsibility seeks humility which entails the truth about the relationship. People tend to revenge happenings for example when someone hurts you; one feels that they should do the same, which adds up to more issues. By accepting the responsibility, it requires cleaning up the damage, securing no more guilt or shame in any way. It ensures that everything is done right to ensure that no one criticizes the other for any in one way or the other.

Lastly, once you let go of the issues and ready to leave the toxic relationship, and everything is clear to the point, blessing the person is helpful. Since saying is goodbye is about releasing the resentments on how one feels, letting them know you have nothing conflicting is essential. It ensures that the entire process is not just a happening to the advantage of one person but for both of you. Letting go of what does not build you ensures that there is more space for more love and success. Thus, ending an unhealthy relationship is one of the essential aspects of living peacefully.


With ending unhealthy relationships, they render bright life and happening between individual even though it might hurt at first. Every experience comes along with their pros and cons. As for this case, some people may misunderstand the intention of ending a toxic relationship which may subject one to bad emotions or happenings. In my opinion, understanding the person and the situation of the present connection is essential. It entails different aspects that not only develop the process but develop the person in general.

To sum everything up, life may include interacting with people who do not feel good to us. Thus, it is essential to understand our position in the relationship. Be it a family member, a coworker or a partner, any relationship may fall apart and when it happens, retreating from it is very critical. Whenever a link does not give you happiness or impacts you negatively, then it is the high time to let go of the person regardless of the pain and following different steps promote effectiveness.

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