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Pros and Cons of Same-Sex Marriage

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According to many sources across the world, gay marriage has been termed as marriage between people of the same sex. Homosexual, lesbianism are terms associated the same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage has both advantages and disadvantages. This type of sexual orientation is viewed as unethical although it is one of the major three types of sexual orientation. Doctors and scientists have no clear scientific information about people who practice gays. However, they examine the issues regarding biological, environmental and genetically influences. This type of marriage has sparked debates and is still being discussed by many people who agree with their claims that homosexuality is natural while other maintained that it is not unnatural. This type of union has been o condemned openly by many cultures and traditions across the nation. Most condemnation uses religions as the bases of their scorn or rejection of the gay practice. This relationship between gays (for males) and lesbianism (for females) is not new but has been there since time in memorial. In my view of marriage as an institution, and from a biblical background, same-sex marriage should be condemned since when God created man, He gave him a woman as a companion, but not another man as a companion.

The Advantages of Same-Sex Marriage

Every individual has the right to marriage. Therefore, if we deny them that chance to marry anybody they want, it can be perceived as discrimination. This might create another class of citizens. Christine Gregoire, former Washington governor, notes that throughout history, the state has tried to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation. The state is also making sure that equality among women and men from minority groups are recognized. The effort to reduce discrimination has found support from the gay movement who see this as a time for legalization of same-sex marriage. Various court judges like Judge Sarah Zabel of Florida ad judge Richard Posner (Ettelbrick, 1989) also supported Christine Gregoire views.

Same-sex married couples would also enjoy the various benefits enjoyed by heterosexual married couples. The benefits include hospital visitation during sickness, filling a joint tax return. They try to reduce the tax burden, health coverage access, immigration rights, child custody in the case of termination of relationships, equitable distribution of resources. Married couples of the same-sex can benefit like any other normal couple if they plan to acquire or adopt children. Since they also have a legal right to adopt a baby just like heterosexuals. In addition, if they separate, they all have the equal opportunity to go for the care of the child (Ettelbrick, 1989).

They can also enjoy the right to property. For example, if they are married or planning to get married and they own property. Then, after legal confirmation, their property can be made joint depending on their binding terms and agreements. If the property is already joint to a family member, then it will depend on how willing the other is to give out their property. Therefore, the rights to property can help them have a call on our marriage.

Immigration benefits will also be helpful to gays and lesbians. A person from another country who wants to settle in the US can enter into a marriage to acquire citizenship. Therefore, same-sex marriage can be used to advance human rights and freedom. Once you get married legally in the country, then you will not have problems passing the immigration system. Normal couples but also homosexuals do not only enjoy this right. People in the country get married to gain government benefits. These advantages seek to extend both social and economic rights of citizens regardless of their sexual orientation in marriage. Benefits of social security, healthcare among others. This state benefits as put forward in 2005, federal and state benefits are available to all legally married couples in the united states, gay or straight. (Ettelbrick, 1989).

Over time, marriages have evolved from just being traditional and between a man and a woman. The government legalizes same-sex marriage as a step for modern advancement from tradition. This is because the way the world looks at the issue has changed a lot. Additionally, marriages between homosexual couples have been there until the 13th century. This is a belief by some many scholars. The ceremonies in many countries were performed in churches and kisses were a sign of sealing the unions (Solomon, 2004)

Homosexuals can be allowed to train as clergies and therefore be hired at their places of worship. The new rules that impose homosexuality will be played comfortably in their aspects of life. The church especially the Catholic Church is opting to give children to gay married couples rather than Massachusetts. This is because the government directly backed the homosexual marriage. This also will make them be tolerance. It will lead to satisfied life by people of different sexual orientation and contribute to the advancement of human rights.

The Disadvantages of Same-Sex Marriage

Although some people support same-sex marriage, it does not fulfill the primary purpose of marriages. The purpose of marriage basing on natural expectation is procreation. Same-sex marriage should not be allowed because it does not support the idea of procreation. The biological nature of man and woman has distinct aspects that can never be changed even when sexual orientation is changed. The homosexuals cannot give birth to their children. The agitation of same-sex marriage if allowed will not only shift the reason of marriage form producing children but also go against the will of God. The laws of nature are in line with the purpose of marriage that leads to procreation. Legalization of gay marriage would change the entire social order. The supporter of same-sex marriages failed to prove how generation for posterity would be brought through same-sex marriage.

The immoral and unnatural nature of gay marriage makes it a contentious issue. According to John Pope II, in 2003, marriage is a holy union. He maintained that gay marriage should not legalize since it goes against the will of God and nature. The Pope questions the idea of legalization as a move, which would jeopardize the natural moral laws. Mike Huckabee, expressed the same sentiment, a presidential candidate in 2014 October said that gay marriage is in most cases inconsistent with natural law (Solomon, 2004).

Gay marriage goes against many traditions. The beliefs, texts that are sacred and many traditions of the human race does not approve same-sex marriage. In the book of Leviticus, from chapter 18: 22; thou shalt not lie with mankind or with womankind: it is an abomination. this condemns gay relationships. Islamic traditions also condemn gay and lesbians. They believe that when two men mount each other, Gods throne shakes (Solomon, 2004)

Furthermore, both parents should raise children. Family requires both man and woman to complement each other in marriage. Research shows that girls who are raised separately from their biological parents have a higher risk of indulging in early sexual activities. This will make them get early pregnancies. Mothers offer emotional security to their children. Children raised by gay parents will lack such security and the unique advice they get from their biological mothers. People argue that gay parents will love the adopted children with all their hearts. However, due to lack of biological parental care; some deficiencies have been noticed from adopted children. The legalization of same-sex marriage would subject innocence to psychological torture from lack of parental care (Wolfson, 2001).

Moreover, gay marriage will continue to weaken the institution of marriage. Across the world, traditional marriages are at stake. For example, the divorce rate is very high, and there are so many children born from unmarried mothers. Therefore, legalization of gay marriage will undermine the normal marriage institution, which is the most fundamental institution to the life of children and the society. Revisionist views have weakened marriage since it is all about the desires of adults and children.Legalizing gay marriage will be upholding this revisionism, which would make the emotional intensity to be the only thing, which sets marriages leaving out other bonds (Ettelbrick, 1989).

Homosexual community will decline since this marriage will increase the incorporation of homosexuals into the normal sex culture. There is already a very vibrant culture of gays. Gay marriage will reduce the differences in opportunities and some privileges between them and heterosexuals. Consequently, the unique gay culture may cease to exist. Many gay activists believe that marriage leads to adopting forms of heterosexuals and abandoning the homosexual culture. Lesbian movements support the same belief. Lesbian activist M. V. Lee Badgett expressed the same concern. In 1989, Paula Ettelbrick, professor of law opined that the two primary goals of the objectives of the gay and lesbian movement are promoting their culture and identity. Ettelbrick presupposes that the affirmation together with the validation of many forms of relationships would not be honored (Ettelbrick, 1989).

Organizations such LGBT sees gay marriage has something that increases economic inequality by enhancing a system that recognizes people who are married. They advocate for gay right in both economic healthcare services. Many leaders of the homosexual movement said they are exposing marriage as an institution that oppresses people (1969). Additionally, the married thinks that those people who are not married are not supposed to enjoy civil rights. This is according to Anders Zanichkosky in June 2013 (Browning, 1996).

In conclusion, people should make decisions concerning their married life by looking at all the pros and cons of marriage. However, same-sex- marriage need a comprehensive examination to preserve the social order. People should be aware of some of the rights and the laws that are in place in government institutions. For example, look at their tax benefits, right to children, and immigration among others. The family is a fundamental institution that defines the moral fabric of society. Any change in marriage system or sexual orientation should not be discriminatory but need to support the rights of individuals and social order.


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