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Coursework Example: Top Five Rude Behaviors

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Course work
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Rude behaviors have become common in the contemporary society as people do things that annoy others quite easily. Rude behavior can occur intentionally or someone else do them without knowing that they are annoying to others. It is important for people to be keen on what they are doing to avoid irritating others. The reasons for any rude behavior have its causes the effect it brings to people and the individual causing the act. Similarly, when people are involved in this rude behaviors most of them are not always sorry for what they do or even bother to because of what they have done to annoy others. In the United States of America rude behaviors have become common and trendy because one does something that influence another to do one more. People who are rude do not always care about other people and a times they irritate because they act in a manner to provoke others. The paper will therefore explore five rude behaviors and explain the cause and effects of the behavior. Besides, it will also highlight specific examples of personal experiences on rude behaviors.

Receiving calls during meetings

Calls are important to everyone and when a persons phone rings they need to respond so that they can get information from the other end. But it is so irritating when people are in the middle of a meeting and someone picks their calls yet it is a personal call. Such behavior could be caused by excitement which makes some people forget that they are with other people and in a formal gathering. Besides, the behavior could be caused by lack of the person involved not know about meeting etiquette. The behavior creates disturbances in meetings and important points could be lost in the course of the call because everyone will be diverted to listening to the conversation. Also, it can lead to anger people quarreling in the meeting in trying to questioning such behavior. For instance one morning my friends and I had gone to attend to a youth seminar and very important issues were being discussed pertaining what to do after completing school and one of has had a call that she received right in the meeting and with a lot of noise and excitement. It made everyone to loose focus and listen to her as she talked and giggled on phone.

Not wiping ones mouth after eating

Wiping ones mouth is common sense but very rare to some people. After eating one is expected to clean their mouths with a serviette or any other towel before they leave the dining table but bit is surprising to find adults finishing a meal and leaving the mouths with evidence of what they were eating. It is irritating and uncouth. The reason why some people do this is because they were never trained on table manners. Besides, they may just be lazy and dont care about such issues as they can call them trivial. The effect of this is that people will feel bad because no one wants to see another persons food all over the mouth after eating. Similarly, it is embarrassing when the people involved are friends and they misbehave in the public. A good example is that in a party someday my friends and I were enjoying the meal had just been served and after eating Joe who was one of us finished eating and stood to great some people whom he knew in the party. It was so embarrassing that he ate and never wiped his mouth which was full of traces of food all over and he shameless greeted so many people who looked at him with awe.

Contributing to other peoples conversations.

It is always so embarrassing and rude to be an intruder in conversations of other people when one has not been asked for an opinion or contribution. Some people are fond of listening to other persons conversations for instance they when they are chatting in a coffee shop, as they travel while they have a conversation among other places. There those who contribute without knowing the people and when they are not even invited to give opinions. People do such things due to lack of childhood training from parents on the importance of respecting the space of others and not contributing to what people are talking when one it not invited. The behavior makes other people feel that their privacy has been intruded and may not feel comfortable to continue with their conversations. Besides, such rude behaviors may also make the affected to want to change the place they are located because they will feeling insecure with the same person right near them. For instance one day as we were having coffee and catching up on persona issues with a friend a stranger started contributing to our conversation from the other side of the table yet we did not know him. We felt insecure and could not feel comfortable chatting again.

Obstructing others in parking lot

It is very irritating to find an individual packing their cars in public place in a manner that others cannot get out of the parking area because they have been obstructed. The people who misbehave are normally far away such that they cannot be traced. A person can be rude in this manner because they have once been obstructed and perhaps they stayed for a long time without help and they decide they will revenge on others. Besides, they could be doing this because they do not care about other people they only mind about themselves. As a result such behaviors can cause others delays and inconvenience. Additionally, it makes other people to develop an attitude of wanting to also revenge on what was done to them. For instance one day my mother and I had gone shopping and packed our safely at the parking lot on our way out we could not go home because the other person who had packed so close to us that we could not get out. We had to stay for two hours waiting for the person who was not even apologetic.

Talking on cell phone with very loud voice

At times one is in public place and a person receives a phone call and you wonder if they are addressing a gathering yet they are on phone. It is a habit that is not only irritating but also embarrassing. The reasons why people talk in loud tones is because they were not taught etiquette on such matters and. Some do not realize that they are shouting while on phone. The effect of such behavior is that it causes nuisance on people who are going about their activities. For instance in a hospital waiting room or where patience are queuing one can make a loud call that it attracts the attention of everyone around.


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