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Prevention of the Violence That Affects Women - Essay Example

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Violence is a widespread activity that presently affects in women the United States. According to a department of justice, close to 85% of victims are females whereas only 15% are male victims of violence. Research shows that a victim can be separated from her abuse based on his or her extent of independence. Nonetheless, violence against women can affect their ability to perform better in the society since it creates enmity between them and other citizens. In particular, women who experience domestic sexual violence have a higher chance of losing employment opportunities and suffer health hazards that can jeopardize their nature of employment and performance in their workplaces. According to the Centre for Disease control, over 23.6% of women and approximately 11.5% males investigated reported at least one occurrence of partner violence. This survey, together with the one for the department of justice indicates that women mostly undergo abuse in New York compared to men. As a result, the negative impacts of the women violence in New York, it is sufficient enough to prevent violence against them.

The first reason for sufficient prevention of violence against women is discrimination. Notabl,victims of domestic violence often undergo discrimination in employment influenced by employers and co-workers. Bias may result in denial of promotion, harassment, and dismissal. The other reason for preventing violence against women is absenteeism in work and delays in performing household chores. From an individual viewpoint, when women violence occurs domestically, they may fail to perform their duties well. The other reason is lost jobs because of frequent wrangles either domestically or within the place of work. The other reason is harassment. Studies show that the abusive partners have harassed a good percentage of the interviewed women who have experienced violence. This creates disagreements between the partners.

Domestically, it has been discovered that there is the need to prevent women violence because it can result in divorce. According to the response made by criminal justice, discrimination against women may lead to cruel and inhuman treatment, abandonment, adultery, and imprisonment. Under these grounds, the divorce laws in New York allows the partners to quit their marriage. To avoid separation in many families, the department of justice must come up with measures of preventing violence against women.

Besides, it is sufficient enough to prevent violence against women because the law protects victims of stalking, domestic and dating violence in federally-funded public housing. Most importantly, it is not possible to evict individuals from assistance based on real or threatened domestic violence. This is because many domestic and sexual violence victims lose their housing because of frequent conflicts. However, various jurisdictions in New York have enacted regulations that protect women victims from housing discrimination, authorizing victims to terminate leases as well as allowing them to have their locks changed.

According to the law, women who suffer from domestic violence or sexual assault and are evicted from their places or discriminated against may have freedom under the government. Violence against Women Act (VAWA) is one of the federal legislation that is mandated to improve criminal justice and community-based responses to women violence. Passing this law at the national level implies that New York along with other states will begin taking abuse against women seriously. These amendments provide sufficient grounds for preventing violence against women.


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