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The Expansion of Gun Rights - Speech Example

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Gun control is one of the most controversial topics in the modern society. Statistics report increasing cases of death caused by gun shots in the American society. The subject is handled with a heavy heart considering the severity of damage caused by illegal and uncontrolled use of firearm. It is indeed true that guns do not kill, people do. The manner in which weapons are handled determines their levels of lethality (Jost, 2007). In this era of heightened levels of insecurity, it is tantamount that each person observes their own security. Security starts with an individual and human practices determine how secure one can be. Having rights to own firearms can help improve security in the society. If laws and policies are eased to allow people controlled access to gun ownership, security will improve at a significant scale. However, gun ownership can also lead to more challenges as people turn to the unfamiliar use of firearms to resolve conflicts.

A gun is often viewed as a manifestation of security. Many people would buy and keep guns just to enjoy the sense of security. However, it is evident that having a gun does not guarantee ones security. Katel (2016) argues that there are cases of people being killed while holding guns or other committing suicide with their own firearms. It follows that gun ownership should be a controlled aspect to ensure that the right people have access to firearms and for the right intentions.

In the United States of America, 90% of individuals murdered through gunshots are found to be criminals. Gun as a tool has helped fight crime and scare aware irresponsible citizens from the streets. Fortunately, it is possible to track down misuse of guns and other firearms efficiently. Guns have unique identification codes that are recorded in line with the personal details of the owner (Adams, 2014). It discourages ill-usage of guns at a personal level because of the stern disciplinary actions that can be executed as stated in the law. Given this, possibilities of misuse and irresponsible use of arms are minimized. It leaves individuals with no other alternative but to use guns responsibly in protecting lives and property. In the long run, security develops with a ripple effect on the social and economic development.

There is a persistent call for the American government to expand gun rights. The bills presented to the federal government observe the importance of gun ownership as a drive to reduce the crime rate across all States in the county. Gun rights will help guard the gun owners and invite them to always respond to intrusion and criminal cases with precision and care. Those who violate the set gun rights should be subjected to the law and denied the opportunity to own or operate firearms.

The legislations of the United States of America and those of many other democracies across the world provides that everyone has a right to protect themselves and have adequate freedom. Therefore, the constitution should be amended so that it can clearly state the requirement and procedures of acquiring guns. Nonetheless, insecurity results to lack of freedom to own property and operate freely in a specified geographic region while holding various social, economic, and cultural beliefs. People are forced to incline towards specific values, beliefs, and practices as a result of threats due to the holding of different inclinations.



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