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Physiologic Birth - Term Paper Example

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Term paper
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Physiologic birth is a normal birth which does not require the use of any kind of technological and pharmacological interventions to assist the process (American Nurses Association, 2015). It is therefore considered a natural virginal birth which allows the skin to skin contact and instant breastfeeding. There are different potential healths benefits associated with maternal or fetal dyad that result from physiologic birth care practices (Burchum and Rosenthal, 2016). They include the reduction in birth process interference, reduction in labor period by increasing the success of pushing and the reduce complication of the newborn. There are other potential benefits which are also associated with the physiologic processes such as reduced use of analgesia and anesthesia and finally the increase in maternal satisfaction and empowerment. All these benefits help both the mother and the newborn after and during birth.

The availability of perinatal nurses in the hospital setting promote physiologic birth by working closely with the family throughout the labor and birth process to ensure there is good maternal and fetal well-being (The joint commission, 2017). They also provide other nursing interventions that are aimed at supporting laboring womans physical, emotional and spiritual needs thus giving them the courage to have a natural birth without the application of technological and pharmacological interventions (Burchum and Rosenthal, 2016). They also provide administrative procedures and ensure that women have effective labor and natural birth process. Furthermore, they provide other health care services related to birth process such as vaginal or cesarean. Finally, they provide advocacy and teaching to women before and after birth (Pillitteri, 2014). All these actions promote physiologic birth which is an important practice during birth.

Multidisciplinary collaboration is important when promoting/supporting physiologic birth because it ensures there are effective institutional policies and standards that support normal birth process (Ladwig and Makic, 2017). Through multidisciplinary collaboration, it is also possible to have proper guidelines which perinatal nurses use when offering nursing services to laboring mothers. Finally, through collaboration, expectant parents are also likely to receive adequate education on natural childbirth (Burchum and Rosenthal, 2016). Through proper collaboration, mothers are likely to understand the benefits of physiologic birth to mothers and newborn and the possible risks mothers are likely to face through intervention.



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