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Why Sleep Deprivation Causes College Students to Get Lower Grades and Cause Depression

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Sleep deprivation, irregular sleep schedules, and daytime sleepiness are common in college students. The issue of sleep deprivation may result in lower marks and depression. Lack of sleep also causes health issues among the college students. Lack of sleep affects the performance of college students negatively because they cannot pay attention while in class. Instead, most of the affected students are usually sleepy during lectures. Additionally, although a college student needs include sleep, good grades, and social life, they need to choose only two. Good grades and enough sleep play a significant role in the life of a college student.

Good grades are the most important things for a college student. However, excellent grades can only be achieved if one gets enough sleep. The reason being the grade one gets determined by the amount of sleep that the student receives. Enough rest is essential for an individual to be active during the day. When the brain gets enough sleep, then one will be active. The procedural memory, which is the part of the brain that assists us in solving a problem or performing a skill, plays a significant role in ensuring that one is active for various duties. The second part of the brain is referred to as declarative memory, and it assists us in memorizing data and information collected. Therefore, if the brain is affected one cannot remember the things taught, and this can result in lower grades. Additionally, when lack of enough sleep affects this part of the brain, then it is difficult to retain information, thus, getting poor grades.

Lack of sleep is followed by variability in performance and lousy daytime behavior. Academic achievement depends on sleep levels and patterns. When one does not get enough sleep, then he or she cannot function well during the day. The reason is that the brain will be tired, and thus, it cannot perform some activities. In most of the colleges, the student that get enough sleep usually has high GPA while the students who do not get enough sleep have lower grades, the reason being the students are sleepy when the professors are teaching, and this makes them not to grasp what is taught in class. Sleep deprivation does not allow one to be his or herself on a typical day. Therefore, it is essential to get enough sleep at night to be alert and ready to perform different activities on a normal day.

Sleep deprivation also causes learning disabilities to the students and affects their performance. Most of the researchers have been able to bring out the relationship that exists between sleep and performance. In most cases, the students who do not get enough sleep do display acts of sleepiness during the day. The issue of not getting enough sleep makes them inactive during the day. Furthermore, sleep quantity and quality relates to a student capacity, and this influences the academic performance in the end. The reason is that some part of the brain may not be accessed for them to achieve their educational standards.

Sleep deprivation prevents one from being alert during the day. On cannot function well during the day when he or she is deprived of sleep. Inadequate sleep makes the college students fatigued and absent-minded while in class which results in reduced performance. Sleep also makes individuals less of a passive member of a society and less active. I agree with the different authors who have written things on the relationship that exists between sleep and performance. Therefore, sleep deprivation results in poor performance due to the inability to pay attention or do class assignment correctly as one just feels sleepy.

Getting enough sleep in college for good performance is essential. However, some individuals are usually unable to sleep. One of the things that can help one to focus and sleep is exercise or athletics. Playing sports is crucial as it makes the brain to be active. Exercising makes an individually tired, thus, fall asleep fast. When one exercise then he or she will sleep for long hours. After resting for several hours, one will wake up fresh and be ready to perform the regular duties well. Additionally, when the memory is cleared then one can grasp most of the things taught, and this can result in good performance. Having a pet can also make one get enough sleep. The reason is that some pets make one feel secure and safe.

Depression is one of the factors that influence the academic performance of college students. The stress undergone by the students may result in various health problems like reduced immunity and anxiety. Sleep deprivation causes stress among the students and this result in poor performance. Therefore, it is vital for the students who are stressed to maintain balance by getting enough sleep. When one gets enough sleep, then it will clear his or her memory. In most cases, college students so things out of balance because they are stressed, and they cannot get enough sleep. In college, it is essential for a student to form good relationships, eat a balanced diet, and to exercise to reduce stress. One can perform well academically if they are not stressed, and this can be done by getting enough sleep.

Different factors result in the success of ones college experience. A college is a place of academics and a social environment with friends, parties, and little supervision. In school, everyone needs plenty sleep good grades, and a social life. However, it is difficult to achieve the three in a day. Therefore, one has to whose two. All these three items are essential in an individuals life. However, only two can be chosen. The best choice is good sleep grades and enough sleep. A link exists between enough sleep and excellent performance. Staying up cramming does no good to the college students. Therefore, it is vital for the college students to get enough sleep to help them pay attention when in class and get good grades. Good grades are essential for a college student as it determines their future. It is the course one is pursuing that helps him, or she engages in their activities. Thus, good grades in the priority when it comes to picking two out of three goals.

The amount of sleep gotten by a college student predicts his or her academic performance. Rest also plays a significant role in helping the students consolidate and fix their memories. Without getting enough sleep, one may work very hard, but he or she may not perform well. This is because sleep makes one alert and ready for various tasks that are performed in school. Furthermore, sleep deprivation makes a student to have academic problems that may also cause stress among the students. When students have an inadequate sleep, they will be sleepy during the day and this result in slipping of grades. On the other hand, social life is also crucial as it enables one to make friendships, which have positive impacts, as one can share what he or she did not understand with friends and get help. However, social life is not a priority.

In conclusion, the college experience is vital in nurturing adults with a structured environment where they gain skills, knowledge, and independence. The things students learn in college makes them contribute to the society and become successful employees. However, the experience has a significant cost as the tuition fees were increased, ballooning student debt, and therefore, it is vital for the college years to be effective. The potential obstacle to the maximization of success among the college students is a high prevalence of irregular sleep schedules, sleep deprivation, and daytime sleepiness. Various factors cause drowsiness and sleep deprivation, and they have negative consequences. Most of the college students are deprived of sleep as they sleep late and wake up for employment or classes. Good grades and enough sleep is a good combination for academic success and reduction of stress among the college students. Good grades are the priority while in college, and they can only be achieved by getting enough sleep. Adequate sleep helps students consolidate and fix their memories. However, social life can also be practiced in school but only when the time is well balanced.

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