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Use of Technology in the Early Childhood Classroom - Essay Sample

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Presently, there is a myriad of websites and software available to support learning in early childhood classrooms. As with other tools employed in the learning process, the use of technology in early childhood classrooms should be utilized in conjunction with a variety of learning experiences. Technology is and will continue to be an important aspect of classrooms as well as everyday life. The use of technology thus assists early learners to communicate, better understand concepts and practice life skills. Consequently, the use of technology in early childhood classrooms, if utilized practically, can help the early learners to be better equipped to begin utilizing other advanced technological learning technologies independently as they progress with their learning (Odundo, Khavugwi, & Milimu, 2017).

However, with the introduction of technology in early childhood classes, there are a couple of factors that have to be considered. First, teachers introducing technology in early childhood classes should be thoughtful and deliberate in the manner that they early learners engage with the technology. Nowadays, children have access to various technology at home which they utilize for fun and leisure. In this regard, Donohue and Schomburg (2017) state that if technology is utilized in early childhood classes, there is a need to consider whether such technology provides more educational benefits or it is just more of what the early learner is exposed to at home. Additionally, there is a need to address the limits that should be put in place with technology used in early childhood classrooms. although technology in early childhood classes provides significant benefits to the development of early learners, there is a need to limit the time the students access the technology (Plowman, Stephen, & McPake, 2010). Such limitations are necessary as the intentions are not to replace the entire curriculum and rely on digital sources, rather technology is meant to complement other forms of learning activities.

In conclusion, the use of technology in early childhood classrooms is beneficial as long as long as the necessary considerations are put in place and employed to make sure that the technology is utilized in a manner that is helpful to the students.


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