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My Father Is My Idol - Essay Example

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"Wake up my son I know you have snoozed your alarm, but it is time to prepare for your day one in university" my father shouted. I realized that the previous night I had said I would wake up early for that big day but I was caught in a deep sleep, fortunately father was there to ensure I was punctual. Instead of condemning me for not keeping time he always understood that as a young person I had sleep issues that I would resolve with time. For this reason, he always supported me as he waited for me to adjust and become more responsible. He did not criticize me when I failed in things but encouraged me to focus and take failures for lessons. Such encounters made me face life with courage and willing to take risks as I knew my father was watching over me which made me feel safe. My son, always tell the truth since it is the only thing that shall set you free" my father would always remind me to think twice before lying. This is the only strict side of my father that I have always known, which has shaped my life significantly into an honest person. His nurturing skills have transformed my life and fashioned me to the person I have become.

One day I came from school looking sad, and my father was in the backyard playing soccer with my younger brother. I went with my frowning face to seek solace, and immediately my father saw me he told my young brother "hey wait a minute I am coming." My father approached me and asked the reason for such a face as he gave me a fatherly embrace. I told him of my issue making friends. Immediately my problem became his purpose. He did not use a book to teach skills such as complementing others, being non-judgmental, and putting a smile every time. He reminded me that since it was a new school, patience was golden for me to learn and choose friends with character. Immediately it struck my mind that being without friends at that moment was not a bad situation after all. He encouraged me to share my belongings as a way of attracting friends.

Additionally, my father encouraged me to bring my friends to my home not only for bonding but also as a chance for my father to tell me whether they are worth keeping. Unfortunately for some, he could not approve, but he taught me on how to transform them so I can continue being friends with them. My father never wanted me to lose and all he wanted was me to be happy. He always told me that a happy soul makes the mind bright. I can confess that my best days were those when I strive to be happy.

In conclusion, my father has always stood by me in good and bad moments, and have used the situations in my life both good and bad to model me to a good person. He has never let me down and has always encouraged me to believe in myself to accomplish my dreams. He used to teach me on goal setting which he usually did for himself. I admire my father for his ability to keep his word and excel in his plans. He the greatest man I have ever seen.

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