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Paper Example on Working With Teenagers Who Are Suffering From Substance Abuse

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The aim of the program is to work with teenagers from Hispanic background to ensure drug-related incidences are reduced. The program aims at understanding the causes of the drug problem and how teenagers can be taught to avoid its dangers. The idea is to incorporate schools and local community institutions in helping us implement the program.


The three themes are, characteristics of youths attending alternatives schools, resources and at-risk youth and substance abuse. The aim of the programme is to ensure all the fields are addressed by my program. Additionally, the topics aim at acting like guidelines on how to go about with the program.

Literature Review Summary

According to May (2004) the general application of the first and the early administration to the intervention of the Hispanic families was of great importance to the families and had in several ways improves the mental health of the school going children within the Hispanic families. It also greatly contributed to the positive outlook of the children and the general good health, which was a very good and positive attribute of the same. May (2004) continues to argue that the social work research among the Hispanic children and also the Hispanic families in one way or the other suggest that almost all the professionals that are working with the Hispanic families and also the client are in several ways perceived to have or to be related and posses many of the similar traits of the and also the characteristics and are related to those identified in the mental health condition.

The social workers within the Hispanic community providing the services to the client with the various diagnosis to the general health of the Hispanic families. The social workers also enable and assist the families of the Hispanic communities to improve through the provision of various services to the community, which enables them to improve the social life of the various individual within the families. Early intervention also will enable improve the lives of the individual people within the Hispanic families and at the same time improve the client current severity and at the same time improve and prevent future regression pertaining to the general intensity of the people. Creswell & Plano Clark (2011) also added that in regards to the general policy and the study of the Hispanic families and at the same time the Hispanic children, it comes out clear that a child who is possessing or having an outstanding attributes of the symptoms or even a child who is suffering from an existing diagnosis in any given school or treatment of the various children who are suffering from the same will increase their standard of living and thus in one way or the other and at the same time enhance their standard of living.

Creswell & Plano Clark (2011) continues to argue that the children should also be given the permission to attend a private school in order for them to attain if possible a proper attention from the previous so as to lower the level of the given situation which is of great importance to the families. May (2004) again added that any student according to the research of the Hispanic family who does not in one way or the other adhere to the treatment offered or any student who does institution and this does not only help the school or the institution administration but at the same time help the Hispanic families to improve the children life which is a very positive attribute of the system.

Working with teenagers who are suffering from substance abuse is critical in reforming the Hispanic community. The program aims at ensuring the drug menace is reduce and those that are addicted have been rehabilitated. The alternatives education programmes have also been introduced in the community to cater for the youths who have been identified as at-risk. The main characteristics of students who attend these programme are those pupils that are disabled (Foley & Pang, 2006). Students who have been engaged in drugs have also been enlisted in these programmes.


Working with Hispanic families has enabled the set goals to be achieved by ensuring there is a reduction in substance abuse. The teenagers have been having a positive response towards the project and how it can impact their lives. The youths who attend the alternative schools have been mainly those aged 13-18 years. The families have been either from a migrant background and the financial position have been weak. Therefore, I believe the programme is moving towards achieving its goals. However, more funding and additional staff would make the goals easily achievable.


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