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Community Assessment of Jackson Mississippi - Paper Example

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Research proposal
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Being the primary writer of this plan, I am writing this discussion as it will be better off having you as my prioritized partner. The purpose of this discussion is to make you acquainted with the goals of the community.The plan issues an assessment of Jackson Mississippi, the city with the majority of the population being African Americans,after a windshield survey. Upon assessment, it has been noted that most of the families in the area lack necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing whereas the community by itself has the best facilities to offer to the less fortunate in the area. It is also clear that the city is under critical environmental pollution, has little health support whereas the areas economy is stable, the political situation is at standard and the authorities are well better off than in the neighboring areas. Another health risk besides environmental pollution is ecological pollution that makes the people in the area lose lives out of diseases such as cancer and obesity along with unrecognized situations of poverty and homelessness.The main goals for the community, in this context, are to ensure adequate and better access to healthcare facilities within the next at least five years and to ensure that the importance of environmental protection is instilled within the community members.

Partner health hazard

In the plan to resolve the community health risk of environmental and ecological pollution, I believe that the potential partners that best suitsthe success of the plan are the recipients of this. It is unarguable that plans fail due to lack of new ideas, those that can be brought in by such partnership (Topfer, 2011).The best thing about a partnership is that innovative and creative ideas are made in an easy way. With you as the partner, there will be the protection of benefits associated with the implementation of this plan. The other advantage of having a partner is that the writer of the plan will also be benefiting in his ways as solutions to problems will be created easily. Conflict can also be avoided through partnership. Partnerships are also more strategic than revenue-based. A plan cannot also be implemented without a good strategy and hence, the significance of having you as the partner in this. This discussion addresses you as you understand the best strategies towards implementing a plan successfully. With you, there will also be equal funding among us and we shall also attain new supporters in the campaigns who will assist us financially and mentally to enable the success of the plan.


Achieving a plan such as this one is difficult without strategies including education, creating support programs and starting mass awareness campaigns. It can be noted that education can be a good foundation for issuing the programs that assist if protection if the environmental and ecological nature of the environment. Through education, people can also learn the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle and as a result, indirectly seek ways of avoiding such pollutions that pose threat to their lives. The other approach enlisted in this plan is the implementation of mass awareness campaigns. Through the campaigns, people will be influenced by controlling them to seek only quality healthcare. This asset can best meet the plan through starting an own campaign against pollution while advocating for a better lifestyle for the people of Mississippi. This plan should be effective in that the community can get aware of the distinct areas of healthcare services. The people in the area should also raise their living standards significantly through the campaign. Besides, the community can also get aware of the risk factors associated with environmental and ecological pollution hence, take a step towards advocating for taking care of the environment.

Community partner and the plan

The main assets for meeting the nursing plan for the community are the potential partners for the plan. Some of the qualities with the partner are that we share the same idea and with this asset, achieving a common goal becomes an easy task than being alone. Two-thirds of both businesses and plans fail due to lack of innovative ideas. Sole proprietorships are more disadvantaged than partnerships. The main advantage of having a complementary skillset is that there can be an assessment of the own strengths and weaknesses (Most Searched Documents, n.d). Skillset is an important aspect of doing a business and hence different skillsets mean ignition of something new to the plan and hence, success than without them.

The partner who fits best into the nursing plan for the community is the innovation-type partner. The partner best suits the part that requires innovation and ideas. The partner best suits that as having a distinct skill set is the best thing in partnership. With fitting in innovation and with an advantage of better information in the industry, I believe that the partner best fits where the generation of new ideas is required. Experience may form the basis of a successful plan and hence, their thoughts and suggestions on what should be done to make the plan a success are an asset to me. With the assistance of modulating partners, the innovative-type may come up with good slogans to curb environmental pollution. This plan should, therefore, be a success as soon as the partner issues new ideas that are later put into implementation by the other partner. With the partners, I believe that some of the suggestions would be answering how to make the public fall into the campaign and identify loopholes left by other campaigns and that a community health nurse may address.

Conclusively, the world has had various plans to deal with health hazards such as environmental pollution but many of these lacks strategies, ending up in failure. Aiming towards a particular goal or objective is dependent on the effectiveness of the plan. With the plan in place and through the assistance of the various partners, the plan will be successful.



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