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Essay Example on Geriatrics Health Care

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Geriatrics health care has ensured better education and enhanced distribution of socioeconomic resources among the older adults in the public domain. Universal provision of healthcare attention to all the elderly is a substantial move in ensuring that the public is healthy in both social and health concepts. Geriatrics has ensured low mortality rate for the elderly. The social domain is well versed in the methods of maintaining helpful standards (Brown and McCool 1990). Today's adults are unlikely to be poor since, the geriatricians provide the older patients and the elderly on recommended principles on how they can still engage in various productive economic activities, regardless of their age.

Gutzmann (2013) asserts that, in any health care system, there exists a professional body mandated to provide concrete and improvised decisions that aid in attending the elderly. The decision makers have the role of advising the health practitioners on the appropriate mechanisms of meeting the needs of the elderly. They conduct researches on the view of the public concerning the services provided by the practitioners and make recommendations where possible. Through consultations with other relevant health agencies, the decision makers initiate programs that encourage the elderly participation in economic concepts. The decision makers interact with the elderly patients and the aging adults by providing total care thereby enhancing medical attention for the patients.

In conclusion, geriatric health care system has confirmed for the society, the noble role that the elderly plays in our economy. It is therefore prudent that the families of the elderly to provide sufficient care and protection for them to feel helpful in the society. The prescriptions given to the elderly and the aged would reflect the overall culture and attitudes of the society (Gutzmann, 2013).



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