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Paper Example on Mentoring, Communication and Leadership Development

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Mentoring, communication and leadership and development are examples of educational processes that people have had to go through so that they can be able to make informed decisions in life. Mentoring is in most conducted by a person who is experienced in a particular field and avails his teachings to one who is still an amateur. The kind of mentoring programs that are conducted cut across the personal life, professional life, and also the academic matters that one is likely to encounter in various places. In this case, the primary motives of mentoring, communication and leadership development are based on the way organizations carry out their businesses and also some of the initiatives that they have had to put in place to ensure that the employers and employees are behaving as per the set goals. Organizations are likely to face problems if they are not able to implement better mentoring, communicating and leadership and development programs.


Mentoring can be understood merely as the process whereby someone who is experienced takes part in providing leadership and functional roles to someone who is less experienced. The mentor makes use of his or her skills to ensure that the mentee has grasped everything and is ready to practice them in a real world (Altman & Taylor, 1987). All institutions need the mentor and mentee to take part in an interpersonal communication so that all the issues that are under discussion can be grasped faster and efficiently. Mentoring takes place based on the level of maturity that one has. In that case, people who are of different levels of sophistication are likely to understand the teachings differently.

For instance, adolescents who are in an organization are likely to grasp less information during a mentoring program as compared to those who have already passed the stage. This is because they are two groups that have different priorities and also the kind of experience that they have in life are varying. For an organization to become successful, it needs to come up with mentoring programs so that the employers and employees can be able to learn issues revolving around accountability that come with being people that are mature (Altman & Taylor, 1987). Therefore, for one to be declared as a mentor, he or she must have had enough life experiences regarding the topic under discussion and should also bear some form of integrity to be an excellent example to everyone.


Communication is the other fundamental concept when it comes to organizational development. Communication consists of a way in which a message can be passed from one party to the other depending on the fundamental matter at hand. Communication can be seen as a package of information that entails the entire ethos related to the society and also the kind of change that people need (Altman & Taylor, 1987). Communication bears efficient ways in which families, groups, and even organizations can be able to make an identification of the best kind of leadership that is at their disposal.

All organizations need to have a good form of communication for all the process to take place in a meaning full manner. Communication is usually conducted over various channels that include telephone calls, face to face interaction, sending of short messages, communication via the internet, the use of social media platforms and also the use of video calls and conferencing (Altman & Taylor, 1987). The main aim is to ensure that there is a good form of connection that exists between officials in one department and the other.

Communication, in this case, is not only confined to a group of officials who are in an organization, but it cuts across everyone who is in the bracket or one who is deemed to be a member. There are various forms of communication, and they all depend on the parties involved. For instance, there is a communicative interaction that involves employer-employer, employee employee, employer-employee and there are also the fraternity forms of communication.

The main issue here is to find out the kind of people who are taking part in a communication process and the problems that they are discussing. Communication is supposed to be a way of ensuring that everyone is informed about a given matter. Also, communication is used as a way of making everyone to be well conversant with how some activities are carried. Lack of communication can lead to adverse consequences since everyone will be partaking tasks with their knowledge and expertise.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is the other relevant field that needs to be discussed while focusing on the success of an organization. All organizations and institutions are supposed to have pillars that promote leadership development since it has some benefits in that line. Nurturing of regarding leadership can be carried out using some approaches, and all that depends on whether the people who are under a training program are ready to cooperate.

Leadership takes typically place both in private and public organizations since they have people who have to ensure that things are running smoothly (Barkley et al., 2001). Looking at the corporate bodies, it is evident that they make use of leadership to carry out activities that lead to the growth of ability and submission of quality services to other parties who need. Leadership can also be used as a way of inspiring groups of people to be able to achieve the goals that they have and the activities that they would want to accomplish over a given period.

In most cases, leadership has been confused with mentoring, but the difference comes in the objectives that they have and the parties who play roles in various fields. In this case, leadership can be defined as the ability that one has when it comes to imposing confidence and all sorts of support to a group of people who have the intention of achieving a given set goal (Barkley et al., 2001). Leashed is essential and it is needed at all levels of an organization, and for one to be crowned as a good leader, he or she needs to have some skills relevant to that body. Leaders can rise to be in such positions, but there are others who are appointed or elevated to such posts.

The main issue or the driving force is the desire to achieve the set goals based on an ambitious motive and also the attitude that one has while yearning to succeed. Leadership development also entails making people develop the agility of meeting the requirements of the specific tasks by making use of the energy that cuts across an agenda that is full of tenacity (Barkley et al., 2001). In this way, one can meet and deal with all the obstacles that come in that line since all the initiatives of being leaders have been put in place.

Mentoring, communication and leadership development are independent in their ways, but when combined, the results that come out is always beneficial. An organization that offers mentoring programs has a group of people who know how to take care of their personal and professional lives (Barkley et al., 2001). They can differentiate between work and leisure and also have a good balance when it comes to the way they make use of resources. Communications links people who are working in various sectors and also promotes the accomplishment of tasks.

Communication services as a way of ensuring that the outside world knows about everything that is taking place within an organization without having to infringe on the private sector. The amount of information that is availed in this case depends on the matter and the subject. Leaders are supposed to bear the aspects of being mentors who have the right communication skills (Barkley et al., 2001). Therefore, leadership development involves the act of ensuring that the people in an organization can accomplish the roles assigned to them and also lead others into doing the same.

Mentoring, communication, and leadership can also be seen to be independent since they can be combined for an organization to be able to succeed in all its endeavours. Most employees tend to have skills and experience and of doing a job but they cannot control themselves and also do not have the right modes of communication. In that case, conflicts are likely to arise between departments since the parties involved do not have leaders to monitor and control them (Campolongo, 2009). Also, they cannot settle down and communicate as a way of solving the matters at hand. The moment one chooses to incorporate mentoring programs in an organization, there is also a need to come up with plans that promote better communication skills and leadership development.

Importance of Communication in solving Organizational Problems

Most organizations are known to be taking part in a value-added form of business. Disagreements and conflicts seem to be a common occurrence in such agencies especially among the committee members and also among those who are taking part in a project. The problems that arise in such an environment are commonly known to have a solution, and this only happens by making good use of communication. Communication skills lead to the finding solutions since it has parameters that make the parties come to a consensus with the involvement of various individuals.

Organizational problems can arise when the employers behave in a discriminative manner, it can also occur when the salaries that the employees get is lower than the workload that is at their disposal (Campolongo, 2009). There are also cases where conflicts arise due to lack of trust and loyalty among the members of an organization. Lack of respect and poor leadership is also likely to lead to organizational problems when looked at from a broader perspective. Mismanagement of funds, hostility, corruption, stereotyping and harassments are also some of the issues that are likely to cause too many problems to an organization. This means that the leaders and all the parties involved are supposed to be on the front line to make use of communication skills as a way of ensuring that everything is perfect.

Communication helps in dealing with problems that come as a result of leveraging expertise in the organization (Campolongo, 2009). For instance, there are those who come up with some form of unique experience than others object leading to conflicts of misunderstanding. In this case, communication comes in as a critical object that ensures all the perspectives that individuals pose are captured and that everyone can demonstrate the viewpoints that they have. Dialogue makes the parties in an organization to take part in the problem-solving process since the views that people bring up are appreciated and put into consideration. The problems that people see in the expertise can, later on, be embraced after developing a clear understanding of how to behave and get to the implementation stage.

Communication helps in solving the organization problems by assessing the implications that arise from a downstream perspective. All employers and employees in an organization have varying viewpoints based on the relationship that it might have on the bigger picture. Communications is the only way in which all the views that are diverse can be summed up and brought together to obtain an accurate or comprehensive part of it. For instance, if the problem involves various departments that lack the right equipment and resources to perform a given task, all the members can avail their viewpoints on how to deal with the situation using communication. The impacts of communication can be felt downstream since those who are in the lower tire will benefit from the discussions that have been put in place.

Communication can be used to solve problems that are affecting the entire system running from the...

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