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Paper Example on Localization of Pharmaceutical Products in Saudi Arabia

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Literature review
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Today, in Saudi Arabia, approximately 75-80% of the total pharmaceutical products are imported ( 2017). Besides, despite the fact that the remaining percentage of pharmaceuticals are produced locally, they do not enhance pharmaceutical security in the country, and they also do not meet the countrys growing medications demand (Khan, Emeka, Suleiman, Alnutafy, & Aljadhey, 2015). For this reason, Saudi Arabia is building a pharmaceutical manufacturing complex and the country, therefore, envisions producing advanced pharmaceuticals and specialty locally.

Possible Difficulties

Some of the major difficulties affecting Saudi Pharmaceutical Companies manufacturing all Pharmaceutical Products is the Kingdoms growing population as well as the increase in per capita spending on the propensity to purchase expensive patented products (Modon, 2011). The increase in the pharmaceutical product spending in Saudi Arabia can also be traced to the great burden of respiratory diseases, cancer, diabetes and hypertension among many others.

The primary objectives of the pharmaceutical products localization in Saudi Arabia are such as;


i. To localize the pharmaceutical technologies, not just import medication.

ii. To transfer the pharmaceutical production knowledge to coming generations

iii. To establish a competitive pharmaceutical hub that is led by trained local pharmacists in Saudi Arabia (, 2017).


Today in Saudi Arabia, pharmaceutical imports account for more than 92% of the market. In 2016, Saudis expenditure was valued to be around $6.9 billion, substantiating a 10% annual growth rate (Wise, Dombi & Javis, 2016). Besides, Saudi Arabia accounts for an average of 59.4% of the total pharmaceutical products purchases in the Gulf region (SAP, 2015).


So as to achieve the said objectives, Saudi Arabia needs to encourage and also attract both foreign and domestic investments. Besides, the pharmaceutical industry ought to train human resources from Saudi. This will serve as a crucial foundation for the localization of the industry (SFDA, 2018).


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