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Paper Example on Crime in Miami and Detroit

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Larceny/Theft Crime in Miami was described as one of the worst city to live in in America in 2016. According to Wall Street 24/7, Miami has one of the highest income inequalities gaps, which can partly be blamed for the high arte of crime. The top one per cent earners get more than 45 times average income than the rest of the population. The city has a high poverty rate, with more than for people live in poverty. Additionally, Miami has the highest violent crimes as well as the highest property crime rate in US, thus being one of the most stressful places. The high rates of crime can be blamed to a wide range of factors including political, social and economic ones. The city is racially and ethnically segregated and highly disenfranchised.

Like Miami, crime rate in Detroit is one of the highest in US. The FBI ranked Detroit as the most violent city in America in 2016 (Baldas 2017). Although this statement was disputed, the city experienced more murder in 2016 than in other big cities like Los Angeles. According to FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR), Detroit witnessed a total of 13 705 violent crimes in 2016, which represents an increase of 15.7 per cent compared to the previous year.

Crime in Detroit is not evenly distributed. A lot of the crime happens in selected neighbourhoods in the central west and upper east regions. Crime is much higher in state and national averages than in the downtown Detroit. The city had 303 murder in 2016 and 295 in 2015 representing a 3 percent increase. The increase in crime is at par with violent crimes that is going up nationwide. Nationally, violent increased by 4.1 percent compared to the previous year while property crime reduced nationally by 1.3 percent in 2016. The decrease in proper crime represents the 14th year of consecutive decrease. Hunter (2017) states that crime in Detroit has been embedded for years over 24 000 homicides since 1967. The past decade alone has experienced more than 3500 homicides. Between 2016 and 2013, there were 145 307 proper crime reported while thousands more are not recorded probably due to the reluctance of residents to report. Part of the explanation for the high rates of crime in both Miami and Detroit is the unequal opportunities to education and employment. Like Miami, schools are highly segregated ion terms of income levels, ethnicity and race especially in the lower income areas of Detroit.

The murder rate is nearly ten times higher than the national average while property crime is about 1.6 times higher. Additionally, 21 percent of the aggravated assaults in the city entail guns.


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