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Operations Improvement Plan Implementation - Paper Example

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The recent Toyota crisis of accelerator was exploited so the issues were not antagonized in an appropriate way. Hence it led to many problems as well as complication public relationships also other negative outcomes from these security issues involving bereavement to some consumers and negative understandings. Some primary aspects connected to these dimension of value are linked to this disaster and include reliability, performance, and the primary features of a product, although the two main aspects are perceptions and safety. Security is defined as an assertion that consumer will not agonize harm or injury from a brand; a specifically vital thought for vehicles. Quality issues for automakers always occur, but process need to be taken to decrease as well as try to eradicate these problems of quality particularly linked to safety. An improvement of operation strategy also requires to be placed connected to suitably handle problems of quality in an appropriate way once problem is detected. When memories are not performed in an active and appropriate manner when the problems results to more issues as well as complements to compounding problems of public perception.

It is vital for Toyota Company to always maintain this process since quality is vital to its achievement. This operation process is known as kaizen that is defined as including every individual in the gradual process, planned, and constant growth (Russell & Taylor 2011: 85). Toyota conceits itself thru doing things according to ways of Toyota hence they are required to remain focused with their process of production as well as methodology of focused quality or a technique of doing operations.

Since the main problem is quality, then Toyota failed to do quality at the initial step of process. The company failed to place their consumers important and to offer the suitable method to vastly solve the issues as well as putting measures in place (Fornell 2011: 75). This was a major failure of quality and the management of Toyota Company failed to abide by the principles linked to the Toyota method philosophy. It is vital to comprehend what occurred with this sticking problem of pedal just to hold up recommendations of quality improvement. CTS and Denso were involved with manufacturing pedals for Toyota. Therefore, Denso revolved out to be exempted from the memory.

Cost to Toyota

These perceptions of consumer are very vital to any car manufacturers bottom line. It is an unintended cost. A direct price may be tired directly to this problem of pedal like a reimbursement. The government of America announced a settlement of $ 1.2 billion with corps of Toyota motor, and documented an unlawful charge claiming the organization defrauded customers through issuing deceptive statements regarding issues of security in vehicles of Toyota (Fornell 2011: 82). The consequence is the biggest of its type ever executed on a car manufacturing company. The Toyota market share of America has fallen more than four percentage points because unplanned spurt emerged to the lead during the month of august 2009 (Elleston 2013:96). The loss of American market share is vital and it is not easy for Toyota to regain back because of the manner in which the company handled the problem of paddle. Hence this revolved from a cost of short term, which may be ongoing because of some perceptions of customer concerns on quality tied to issues of security.

On the other hand, the leadership of Toyota Company admitted they never followed their own theory and strayed from their private policies linked to standards of quality also connected to the process. Choices were made linked to handling the crisis of pedal, which were firstly facetious and not receptive to fixing the problems of quality the way they were to handle. These relations of public tries were too slow and flawed to respond hence the crisis continued for so long before good memory was issued although they were maintained selling cars initially (Fornell 2011: 60). This problem of quality was costly and compounded for Toyota, which resulted in a huge settlement including damage to the reputation and brand of the company. In future, management of Toyota requires to adhere to their private policies as well as Toyota method with no flaw or the next time would possible be very hard to improve from. This leads to a vital loss of business market share as well as cause permanent damage to their status.


Problem statement

Toyota company never took this first accident as a serious matter, or flopped recognize the right definite origin of the crisis thus they might not take the needed countermeasures. Contrary, time passed but consumers kept on being at risk from this issue of safety hence this made it become impossible to have exterior communications be operative. The company could not have a precise and operative notice since Toyota never seem to fully comprehend the source of the crisis or it was chosen to minimize the issue instead. Failure to offer the suitable quality and security for Toyota consumers may depend on shared without the ability to quickly respond thru the suitable countermeasures to rectify the issues, which in the coming years may lead to several damages to the reputation of Toyota and offended the outcome with lessen market share worldwide.

Toyota failed with their skills and system suppliers. The Toyota row only one supplier offered a faulty pedal also the company failed with inner skills of engineering to correctively recognize the origin of the crisis hence this banned the suitable counteractive countermeasure retort movements from happening in a suitable way (Russell & Taylor 2011: 28). Consequently, this led to the subsequent external failure of public relations. In the near future, the following enhancements are required: growth in the method of collecting consumer grievance, development is required with collection of data through issues also repairs conveyed to authorization of by consumers, hence Toyota should do a good job with the scheme of managing this data and in line recognize the right source of a provided issue to allow prompt notification to consumers when identified issues exist. Additionally, when recognized problems of safety exist, then Toyota ought to stop marketing those cars with immediate effect.

Quantitative data measure quality performance on an ongoing basis:

The results of quality performance of Toyota company need to be analyzed also be monitored to trace quality performance as well as perception of consumers through these surveys of consumer based. Among the suitable methods of collecting and analyzing data this type of data is the first quality survey or IQS. This makes value into a measureable method to support evaluation as well as management of decision making for Toyota and other companies manufacturing cars (Russell & Taylor 2011: 96). Because this problem of pedal example was up a research concerning a snapshot up to 2010 it is vital to analyze what has occurred and the way Toyota responded from 2010 founded on updated collection of data as well as evaluation.

Collections of data and methods

Collection of data plays a vital responsibility in any plan of improvement process. It is essential to collect primary data to better comprehend the huge image and to further evaluate and analyze particular points. When analyzing how the company enhance their public relations or exterior communications thru the people linked to issues of quality hence it is vital to learn how to analyze quality through a quality method. Quality is subjective sometimes, but an individual require a method to trace performance since it is relates to improving of quality and quality over a given time.

IQS is a tool of quality measurement, which is applied in the motorized industry hence this ought to be a better equipment for Toyota Company to hold up quality outcomes as well as trends. Concerning quality and the way Toyota Company ought to apply IQS as among the methods they may analyze quality as well as results of their quality. This among the tools to be applied to constantly monitor evaluated data to trace perception of consumer of Toyota quality contrast to their private earlier results and trace their performance contrasted to their contestants.

Flowchart Before


Flowchart After


Summary of Revisions

The flowcharts were reorganized to display the procedures whereby VOIP technology may be implemented. This media would assist increase the manner Toyota handles its activities across kaizen process. There is minimal effect to novel problem statement. This is merely an extra addition on activities, which might build a suitable consumer skills for consumers of Toyota. It is cooler, faster, and easily accessible to apply. It offer lower value to the company through eradicating the requirement for going after phone calls, slower revolve over regarding cars.

The paper conducted all over this paper displays that the management of Toyota responded to the crisis of pedal eventually in 2010 in an optimistic way. The issue was that the company was very slow to respond during the start of the crisis of pedal. The teachings to be learned is that the company ought to always make safety and quality being their priorities. This stands that management of Toyota ought to maintain principles of kaizen to constantly improve the different schemes implemented to hold up collection of data in an actual moment to assist decisions making of management in a suitable manner. In the year 2010, after the end of pedal disaster. The management of Toyota implemented a strategy to enhance quality that involved improving their collection of data system extremely thru their consumers.


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Fornell, C, (2011). Quarterly Update on U.S. Overall Customer Satisfac...

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