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The Performance Indicator of Healthcare Providers - Essay Sample

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The performance indicator is essential in ensuring that healthcare providers understand their performance. They are measures which are used in evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of leadership. They include a number of days a patient takes to heal while in the hospital which depends on the quality of nursing, drug administration and general patient management. Patients can only get quality services when there is good leadership where all health professionals feel motivated and are treated as a very important asset of the organization (Lester, 2006). Communication and collaboration of different health care providers are essential in improving the morale of workers in a hospital. Usually, healthcare setting should have a hospital healthcare monitoring system to improve communication between the nurse and patients, access health information and make accurate medication decision within a short time. When there is faster access to quality health information there is an improvement in patient outcomes and this reduces medical errors which can complicate the health condition of patients.

I really like the performance indicators which have been proposed in this research. They are ideal for this work and they can show the likelihood of completing this research. I think it will be more appropriate to take a very short time to carry out the feasibility study. Too much time will delay the whole process and consume more resources (Gravetter and Wallnau, 2016). Time is, therefore, a very important factor that affects the general performance of any institution. Establishment of the goal of the project is also another important performance indicator which can be used to increase the value for patients by making them achieve the best outcome at a very low cost.

Quality patient care is achieved by meeting the goal of the project which was to improve communication by introducing hospital healthcare monitoring system. I strongly agree with the opinion of the researcher because when there is proper communication between different health providers such as nurses and physicians, patients will have an accurate diagnosis and medication which are essential health care management leading to the good outcome of patients (Lester, 2006). The communication system will also reduce the cost of offering healthcare services to patients because it will be easy to, record, transfer and extract patient information in real time. I cannot deny that it cannot improve hospital affiance and service quality through the use of technology. Current technology used in hospitals increases the quality of healthcare by consuming less time, increasing the accuracy of hospital services (Gravetter and Wallnau, 2016). Furthermore, I also believe that can improve quality nurses services and competencies. This is because it gives nurses accurate information which they require when taking care of patients. Nurses can also offer proper medication to patients at the right time since technology enhances information delivery between different healthcare providers.

I only disagree with the number of days proposed to develop a project plan. I think seven days are not enough to develop a good plan although efficiency is an important factor in any project. I would like it to take two weeks to give us sufficient time to gather information and to review it if it can meet the project goal. Although it is not reasonable to take very many days one week may lead to the creation of a wrong project plan. I agree strongly with the idea of training of healthcare providers on the Hospital Healthcare Monitoring System that uses the wireless sensor networks (Gravetter and Wallnau, 2016). This is a bold step that the hospital should take to improve the quality of healthcare. All the staff and IT department should have the knowledge and skills on how to use this machine because it is an essential tool that all hospital staff uses when transferring patients information from one person to the next.


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