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Explanation of How Need for Change Was Identified and Its Links to the Companys Strategic Goals - Paper Example

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Explanation of how need for change was identified and its links to the companys strategic goals.

By expanding its market boundaries, Fast Track Courier Pty Ltd will, therefore, be able to increase the number of deliveries as it will be targeting the small to medium package deliveries. Thus their revenue will grow as a result of the increase in the number of deliveries they will make.

Implementing technological changes to their operations will enable the organization to bring in an aspect of efficiency in their services. Technology will reduce time wastage, fraud and the number of people required to load and offload the trucks. Consequently, the company will reduce the instances of loss-making.

One of the most important pillars of any business is its workforce. A healthy workforce should be a critical concern for the management of an organization. One of the yardsticks of healthy employees is good interpersonal relationships among them. The management of Fast Track Courier should ensure that there are proper mechanisms for enhancing unity among all the employees that employees are united. A united workforce has high productivity levels which works towards the goals of the organization.

Question 4

Reviewing the organizations performance against objectives with regards to:


Fast track courier Pty Ltd communication strategy is one whereby office staff receives their communication through emails while the truck drivers get their communication through a monthly printed newsletter. Communication is a crucial element in any organization. For Fast Track Courier Pty Ltd, they only communicate with their drivers once per month. The truck drivers are an integral part of the company; therefore, ensuring frequent communication to them is very critical. In its bid to expand its market share, all employees need to be engaged in every step of the process and this means increasing the frequency of communication between the management and the rest of the employees. Additionally, having separate means of passing information among the staff works to bring divisions which works against the unity goal (Cummings & Worley 2014, p 87).

Policies and processes

Information concerning policies and procedures is passed through documented manuals that are available both in the office and in the trucks. Security of an organization's policies is critical for its overall stability and existence. Some policies and procedures are sensitive as they outline the business secrets and models that are followed by the organizations. When such information falls in the hands of the competitors, they may learn how the business operates thus making it hard for the company to carry out its expansion program. Therefore Fast Track Courier Pty Ltd should find a secure way of documenting and availing the policy documents to its employees (Pyzdek & Keller 2014, p 25).


The company has adopted a plan to incorporate technology into its operations. For example in the use of GPS systems to aid the truck drivers to navigate while picking and dropping deliveries. The company has also employed the use of Personal Digital Assistance (PDA) devices. These devices present the drivers with information on each distribution. The data from the PDA's is relayed back to the head office which the management will use to monitor the progress of the field work. Also in the pipeline is the idea of installing the trucks with automatic lift gates which will aid in the loading and offloading of heavy packages. Installing these lifts will see the extra drivers each allocated a truck which the company is intending to acquire. These technologies will work for the company well-being thus aiding in its bid to expand its markets share.


In the structure of the company, there are the truck drivers, the office workers, and the management. The truck drivers mandated to carry out field work of parcel. The office staff duties include monitoring the data sent by the drivers and the GPS data. The management responsibilities include formulating policies and decision making. This separation of duties is essential as it will ensure maximum productivity from each group. Subsequently, these customers will refer others thus aiding the company in its expansion program (Anderson 2016, p.34).

Question 5

External trends that may impact the organization goals of achieving strategic plans


Technological trend

Employee Lobby groups


Business agendas today are being driven by technological advancement. Fast Track Couriers have implemented GPS systems which helps the drivers while navigating to the clients' locations. These results in time being saved as incidences of drivers missing their way are reduced. Also, the company has employed the use of automatic lists. Thus the extra driver will be allocated their truck. Therefore, they will be able to serve a broader market segment.

The use of trade unions is trend where employees join lobby groups which will push their agendas or complains to their employers. Some unions encourage their members to strike thus affecting service delivery. Fast Track Courier drivers have in the past resisted change which has resultantly proved difficult for the management to implement the change policies.

Question 6

Identify major operational change requirements

Among the changes adapted by Fast Track Courier due to the performance gaps include installation of the modern Information Technology devices to help track and monitor job performance. The organization aims at ensuring every driver makes use of the PDA installed for the provision of information and records when the job begins and finishes and report of every pick-up and drop-offs.

The change brought about by the business opportunity that needs to be adapted includes the installation of the automatic lift gate on the back that aids in the loading and unloading the packages. The change is meant to reduce the human force hence there will be only one driver in the truck, not two as it used to be.

The change brought about by the threats includes improving communication gap between the management and the drivers and coming up with new strategies communicate and implement changes.

Changes due to management decisions include expanding the services to other metropolitan areas. The management will use the surplus drivers to reduce incurring a further cost of hiring and training new drivers. The other change is to reduce drivers resistance and cooperation in organization and change issues.

Question 7

(a) Specialists consulted to assist in change management

Information Technology specialists. They are consulted during the implementation of PDA system. The specialists play trains the drivers and other personnel how to use the device and educate the management on how to use the system to improve the overall operation. Communication specialists-They play a vital role in designing change strategies and communication plan. The experts also communicate change to the employees and issue relevant information regarding the change. Human resource specialists-The Fast Track Couriers HR specialists coordinate meetings with the drivers to communicate change initiatives. They also develop training programs to be used by other specialists.

(b) The consulting model adapted

The Medical (The Doctor-Patient) Model is the best consulting model. An internal consultant with Fast Track Courier is chosen to work closely with the specialists and monitor the functionality. The consultant will also bridge the gap between the management and the drivers and create an atmosphere of trust and understanding to oversee the implementation of changes (Cummings & Worley 2014, p 67).

Question 8

Identification of change management and opportunities

The Information Technology expert is the assessor of the whole change process. Before implementing any further changes, the assessor helps in identifying the change management and opportunities for the Fast Track Couriers Company. The first management requirement is getting a clear understanding of the current state of the organization. The problems faced by the Fast Track Couriers Company are identified, and their level of importance is assigned. It helps come up with the changes to solve the problem. Secondly, laying out the future state of the organization. Here, the strategic goals of the company are considered as a way of visionilizing the companys ideal situation after the change. Lastly, means of implementing changes in an orderly manner are identified. It is the role of the assessor to help manage the transition of PDA and automatic lifts efficiently both in the resource allocation, planning and appointment of the director.

Opportunities that arise during the change management in the Fast Track Couriers include reduction of man force labor through the use of automatic lift gate. Again, there will be an increase in the service delivery as the surplus drivers will be used to deliver services in other metropolitan areas. Additionally, the use of PDA will help the management keep tracks and records of each truck hence improving the performance.

Question 9

Managers that re informed about the changes

Information technology manager is the manager in charge of the IT in the Fast Track Couriers Company. He /she oversee the overall operation of the department, approve the installation of new software and guide the management on the emerging trends in the technology. The human resource manager controls and manages people in Fast Track Company. He needs to be informed on all issues related to human resources, for example, the implementation of automatic lifts to reduce the human workforce and the use of one driver (Benn, Dunphy, & Griffiths 2014, p 28).

The operation manager oversees the smooth production and transportation of goods and services. The manager needs to be informed of the new change of installing automatic lift gate in the trucks to aid in the loading and offloading. Lastly, the Managing director (CEO) is the overall manager of the Fast Track Couriers who oversee overall performance of all the departments in the organization. The CEO has to be informed of all changes that are implemented from the first stage till the implementation (Cummings & Worley 2014, p 67).

Stakeholders plan strategies

Stakeholder Managers Period Key attributes Impact on and by the project Medium of communication Key messages.

Managing director/senior managers After every stage of the change. Manages the overall functions and implement new policies. Support the project team, manage resistance and communicates report concerning the changes. Meetings Project team Before, during and after the implementation. Manages the technical side of the change Responsible for integrating the change management into the project plan. Meetings, Emails. Customers Before and after implementing the change Buys the organizations goods and services. Are directly impacted by the change in service delivery. Meetings, notices, and publications. Employees Before, during and after the implementation Adapts and implements the changes brought to the organization. Acts as the carriers for the change. Meetings, memos, and notices. Question 10

Risk analysis and mitigation strategies

Risk analysis help in identifying and managing the potential problems that arise during the implementation of change Fast Track Courier Company. The first step in risk analysis involves identification of threats and barriers to cha...

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