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Nursing Admission Essay Example

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Wesleyan University
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Admission essay
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The responsibilities of a registered nurse greatly vary depending on the healthcare setting. However, certain duties are mandatory and essential for one to advance the nursing career. As a registered nurse, I have handled several but essential responsibilities that have adequately prepared me for the four primary functions of APRN (nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, nurse-midwives, and clinical nurse specialists). First, working as a nurse, I had an opportunity to administer and monitor patients and carry necessary treatments and medications. This role has equipped me to be an excellent nurse practitioner who will serve as a care provider, diagnosing and treating the variety of illnesses not only in the hospitals but also extending my services to rural areas where people have got hard accessing health institutions. Most importantly, I have had the knowledge and opportunity to educate families and patients on ways of preventing disease, a role which is very imperative among Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. With such experiences and skills, I am confident that I can be among the best Advanced Practice Registered Nurses if given an opportunity to advance my career and knowledge.

Nurses are faced with several difficulties and dilemma within hospital settings, which I am proud to have encountered and solved. It, therefore, makes prepared even for the most demanding and challenging tasks ahead of me as an APRN. After testing HIV positive, a patient told me not to inform her divorced husband. According to nurse practice, confidentiality and consent are principles that must be obeyed. Therefore, the patients information should never be revealed to any other person without her consent. It was, therefore, impossible to tell her divorced husband. At the back of my mind, I presumed that the husband could be positive hence he is at high risk of several illnesses if he is not put on medication. It is in this scenario that I approached my colleague on how to handle the matter. Having discussed this, we employed the principles of both beneficence and non-maleficence which direct nurses to do good and should not harm others. It is within these principles that I approached her ailing husband without the knowledge of the wife and tested him. He tested positive and was put on medication. As at now, his health is good and that of the wife.

It is evident that graduate roles are far different from undergraduate ones. It is in this context that I have put certain things in place in order be successful in this program. The first one is setting goals. I have set daily, weekly, monthly that must be evaluated every month to ensure that long-term goals are achieved. Another factor that I must consider is time management. The time people takes will opulently repay them. Not only time can it make a person more fruitful graduate student; it can assist a person to be fulfilled, individual. It will allow me not waste time on matters that are not anyway positive for my long-term goals. Lastly, to be successful, I am ready to meet technical requirements of the program and institution. Such necessities start with class attendance, achievement of good grades, and writing standard and effective thesis statement which will not only be useful to me but will be a solution to the problems of the community. I am committed to be an asset to the school and be part of the solution to the issues.

Theoretical work in the classroom must be buttressed heavily with practical action. In that regard, I intend to further my experience by visiting preceptors or clinical sites. I will access them by volunteering at the hospitals or school facilities that offer clinical experience. I am particularly interested in Family Nurse Practitioner Adult/Gerontological, Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Nurse practitioners have the responsibility to provide safe, patient-centered, holistic, and culture-sensitive care to the public. It is for this reason that as a nurse I value the Role of Family Nurse practitioner since it is centered in the prevention of diseases within the community. With the emergence of several diseases in the current environment, I believe that Family Nurse practitioner will play a central role in management and diagnosis of acute and chronic illnesses with health promotion, education, and disease prevention. Throughout my experience practicing as a Registered Nurse on a neurological stroke unit and shadowing experience of the advanced practice nurse, I am sure that I am ready to progress on to the FNP. Even though my work involvements are intensely based, I have witnessed a direct relation between acute and primary care. As a nurse mainly working with patients with strokes, I have experienced how patient miscommunication, miseducation, and lack of comprehensive care lead to the hospital stay. I have therefore learned that education and information is one of the most practical measures a nurse employ to avert acute illness. These experiences have consequently prepared for the roles of FNP.

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