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Diary Entries Paper Example

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Wesleyan University
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Creative writing
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How are you faring on? We woke very early in the morning ready to go for hiking. The excitement in me told it all even to a stranger. Although visiting places like nature parks, animals orphanages was an integral part of school program this was one was exciting because I have never come close to a mountain before. The excitement was mutual among my friends and me because amongst us no one had ever come close to a hill before. In our intermediate studies, we only studied about mountains and hills, but we never visited any of them. The reason is that there was minimal time to accommodate long-distance journeys. Denis one of my friends asked, "are we climbing the mountain manually or there are machines to take us to the top?" Everyone laughed, but our teacher told him to be patient because we would soon have the answers to all the questions in our minds. The journey started at five, and in fours time we were at the destination. The place was cold, and we were given attires for the hike. We saw some military men training at the area and they were medium sized coats that seemed very heavy. They behaved very maturely, but I came to learn that they understood strict supervision and it was not perhaps maturity. We were given ropes, and we climbed the mountain to the top, and on our way, we saw a lot of trees and animals. The guide who mediated between or teacher and us taught us a lot, and the top was freezing that some of my friends sneezed a lot. When coming down, we did not use the ropes as we were competing. It was the best journey I have ever experienced. Goodbye diary.

Diary 5

Hello, diary,

I am happy to see you. It is our norm to celebrate Christmas, and everyone in my family always gets a gift for each member. My mother gave me some money to buy my father and siblings gifts, and it was a tough decision to make because I did not know what to buy this time around. On the lasts Sunday to Christmas as I was relaxing in my bedroom I thought of a gift and decided that I would buy everyone a pair of shoes although I did not know all their sizes yet I wanted it to be a surprise. According to the protocol from my mother, we could not go to their bedroom unless sent by her or my father. I did not want just to buy shoes, but I wanted to get a qualitative choice, so I had to consult my mother who is right in shoe selection. I was having two issues overlapping one another, and I still wanted to maintain a secret. I had to be wise so that I could make the surprise a reality. I had to refine my skills of posing the question so that I would not leak the surprise. Mother, my friend, wants to know the best place he can buy shoes this Christmas," I asked. She gave me a list of places, and I knew I had hit the point but one more thing the size her shoes and that of the father. I went again with another trick as they were watching a program on TV. "Father you said we should participate in passive entertainment and why are you watching TV? Can we go out and jog? I requested. Sure get me a pair of snickers from the bedroom. I finally got the size of their shoes. Preliminary I thought of how I could match my mother's test, but my friend's portion in making a choice played I critical role. That is how I made the best surprise for Christmas.

Diary 6

Dear diary

Are you alright? October was the worst month for the unexpected happen. On Wednesday morning I went to school as usual and in a jovial mood started my class in high spirits. The math teacher was the first one to start the day's lesson, and he came in very moody, unlike other days when he was restrained. After greeting us, he introduced the topic which was on spheres and because I did not know the meaning I became the first to ask what it was and if the teacher could bring it to class. The teacher suspended his explanation and came to where I was I thought maybe he had seen something that he could use as an example but I was mistaken he was offended. "Do you know the meaning of subordination?" He asked, and I replied to him "yes teacher" he told me to go to the principal's office because I had reduced him to the level of a teacher who is not conversant with what they are teaching. At first I from asking him any other question but when I saw him following me to the office, I became rigid and demanded an explanation on what offense had I committed. The route to the principal's office was directly linked to that leading our class, and the scenario made other students be out of course in an attempt to know what was going on. After the principal listened to what both of us were saying he supplemented the case by drafting a suspension letter and send me home. That is how I was suspended for two weeks with no valid reason. It was just a bad month for me. I now understand how revolutions begin in schools and elsewhere.

Diary 7

Dear diary

Long time how have you been? I missed you! I woke with a schedule in my mind that day. I wanted to finish up on a few things at home to avoid violating my mothers home rules. The plan was to go to take ice cream with my friend at the nearby ice cream shop. I longed for vanilla and Jack wanted strawberry badly. The schedule went as planned, but I did not know that we would end up in the hospital instead of having fun. At two in the afternoon, I set out to meet my friend so that we could go to the ice-cream shop. It was a warm afternoon, and the sun was smiling at us. Jack was waiting for me near our favorite ice cream meeting place, and as soon as he saw me, he was excited and could not wait for us to be there. We slowly walked down the streets to oasis ice cream place and before we could cross the road to my friend was hit by a vehicle that had lost control. I screamed, and within a few seconds people had assembled around the place to know what triggered the accident and Jack was severely bleeding and I thought he had died. The police who were adjacent hurried to the area, and an ambulance soon arrived. I followed them to the hospital with a lot of confusion accompanied by blurred vision because I had cried a lot. I did not inform anyone at home as I did not how to tell it. Upon arrival, he was rushed to an emergency unit where he temporarily received help from a team of physicians before being transferred to an intensive care unit. Albeit the fear and confusion that had overwhelmed me I had to tell Jacks parent the news because the unifying factor between my family and Jacks is that we are family friends.

Diary 8

Hello diary

I am happy that are you are well today. The lion had always been my animal of interest, and every time I would remind my father of my desire to see a lion because of the description that it had been given. I would imagine how kings live happily with all the attention being given to them and everyone respecting every decision they make. I was convinced that the animal was enormous with a lot of authority as it was being described in storybooks. The features that the lion had been given was a compilation of fame, toughness and high strength. One Sunday afternoon my father decided to take me on a surprise visit to the zoo and this was something that was not forthcoming to me, and I did not have any hint that my desire would be met. My first encounter is memorable because the lion was indeed what was being described. At the sight of the fierce animal, I almost collapsed because of the roar that it produced. A ranger together his colleagues gave us instruction on what to do to avoid provoking the animal. What I did not conceive is the idea of the lion being a king. I wondered whom he was leading. As we went further into the habitat, we saw a variety of animals, and I was depressed instead of being happy because every site of an animal sends a message of fear to me. Although the journey and scene was an excellent experience to me, I was equally sacred and could not sleep at night alone for the next one month, and the fear slowly faded away. It was the best surprise that I have ever received and the most scaring place I have ever visited. See you tomorrow diary.

Diary 9

Hello diary

Traffic offenses whether minor or significant attract a levy and anyone who is inclined to committing them has to yield to the law. As we were going to church with my mother, we saw several traffic officers inspecting vehicles, and some cars had been parked by the side. The integrity that the police showed was commendable because no one was favored or another unfairly charged. When we approached the inspection point, we stopped, and the police came, and the first mistake that was spotted was that my mother was driving without fastening her belt. She was immediately charged with the offense, and there was no invoking because there was need of transparency as others could not be loaded and some acquitted. The most Intrinsic concern is that safety of all the road users was paramount and that was the reason for the strictness likewise the law has to be followed to the latter. That day I learned that no one is above the law even the president the lawmakers themselves. It sounds odd, but it is the reality. Nevertheless, the law acts as a unifying factor among all the citizens regardless of their status and position. Notwithstanding the law is an equalizer, some issues of corruption have interfered with its working. We got late attending church but it was a lesson learned and in future, I will be careful not to be found in such offenses. It was not a good scene, but I am happy that I learned to be responsible so that I avoid penalties and mind the safety of other road users. After paying the fine, my mother drove as she educated me on other minor offenses that can make any to pay fines. It was a day that helped me realize the crucial work of the traffic officers in ensuring that every road user is law abiding.

Diary 10

Good morning diary

I had always wondered how it feels to extract a tooth until I found myself at the dentists clinical waiting to be attended. It was the longest night that I have ever experienced as it looked like two nights combined. It all started in school with a minor pain that I thought it could not persist and I became reluctant taking a painkiller. When I arrived home, it was not business as usual because I had a headache that was ongoing regardless of the painkillers that I made when I came back. I could not eat dinner well because my tooth was aching and felt like my whole body was in pain. I went to bed early, and I found no sleep at all because the pain increased and could not wait for morning to come. After taking breakfast, my father told me to prepare so that he could make me to the hospital to undergo tooth extraction. I imagined of a situation whereby my tooth could be pulled out, and blood would ooze out continuously. I questioned my father, but he did not answer me straight as he saw the fear on my face and instead he avoided questions that would make me more afraid. My questions posed a challenge to my father because he was not a dentist but I wanted him to answer me. When our turn came, I was so afraid when I saw a panel of dentists waiting for us, and I knew my case was severe that it was not the case but the routine at the clinic. The so-called dentist wanted to see the history of my tooth, but unfortunately, I had no history. The tooth was cleaned, two injections on the gum were made and I waited for 10 minutes before I was ready for the process. The tooth was finally extracted with no pain but I could feel my mouth.

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