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Marketing Assignment: The Use of Social Media in Marketing

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Business plan
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In the very competitive corporate world, every business entity ought to have an active and efficient marketing and advertising mechanism. In this sense, the business needs to reach out to as many high end-consumers as possible at global scales. Only by doing this will Increase the market share hence can attain huge profits. It is worth noting that every business venture faces competition from different perspectives. The secret for every successful business lies on the effectiveness in marketing their products to their clients. This white paper gives a clear insight to the audience on the importance of creating social media account for the company, as well as developing and managing social media advertisements. Consequently, this white paper will serve in promoting social media advertising and considers creation services to Ultimate Lazer Tag, a business that is a year from opening. It will give detailed information concerning the pros of having such kind of services to the industry. As mentioned before, over the years, the corporate world has immensely developed, and therefore individual management bodies should take into consideration the best strategies for their new economic ventures. By doing so, there will with no doubt that the company will have a competitive advantage, and therefore achievement of set goals and visions. This white paper will consequently look into the existing service providers in this field of social media advertisements, the current gaps, and how my input will be of high impact in improving the sales at Ultimate Lazer Tag upon opening in a year's' time.


As earlier mentioned, social media can be used to reach a significant portion of potential buyers of a product or service. Especially in this digital era, at least seven out of ten people have access to social media sites, either through their mobile phones or personal computers and devices. Over the years, social media platforms such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, just to mention a few have been used by corporates to advertise the products and service. Ultimate Lazer Tag must get to terms with such marketing strategies prior opening up in a year's time. This white paper aims at promoting these services to all the potential customers and thus has a relatively broad audience. It is worth noting that social media has become an essential strategy for higher levels of fan engagement, not only directly, but also through driving generations through significant interactions and sharing of content. In the same sense, most challenges that international businesses face and the people who lead them are now, more than ever linked to the engagement and empowerment of the stakeholders and customers. Social media platforms, on a large scale, connect millions of people in a manner that facilitates information sharing, and thus reducing the chances of for marketplace exploitation. Likewise, for most organizations and economic ventures, the use of social media in most instances begins at public communications or marketing.

Previous Approaches

It is also vital to understand the concept of social media marketing, particularly in the sense of raising the consumer's visibility, and thus promoting services and products. Ultimate Lazer Tag should, by all means, adopt the so-called Social marketing to reach as many potential clients as possible, and thus promote the business. According to Hoffman (2010), social media marketing makes of podcasts, blogs, photos, online videos, messages, and other social media posts on the respective social networking sites. All these aims at reaching a vast and target population. There are a full array reasons as to why social media advertising should be given much priority in this company. First, it will help reach quite a considerable number of potential consumers more inexpensively and spontaneously. Secondly, the application of blogging and social networks will increase traffic to the organizations from other social media websites. Thirdly, the use of social media to do marketing will assist in complementing different marketing strategies that might lead to additional costs. Fourthly, the company will be in a position to build a credible corporate image by participating in forums and directly responding to their potential clients. Fifth, social media sites entail vital information both for the company and the subsequent client base (Saravanakumar et al., 2012). Such profile data will have a positive influence in targeting specific users for marketing. In other words, the use of social media ads and developing respective social media accounts for the organization will put Ultimate Lazer Tag at par with market leaders in the market. For instance, having a Twitter account and attract mass following will with no doubt increase the company's credibility and consequently improve the brand. Likewise, it boosts the company's profitability through the creation of a massive following.

Picture showing the use of social media in business enterprises


Likewise, the use of social media in marketing acts as a robust method for business operations to reach all potential customers and product prospects. A large population of customers in the corporate world is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to interact with the products service providers. Effective marketing on social media platforms brings out remarkable success to the business, through the creation of devoted brand advocates and even during sales (Michaelidou et al., 2011). Through the creation of social media accounts for the industry, venture, potential clients will have an easy time in tracing our products online. It will be done in the comfort of their mobile phones or other devices with access to the internet. Effective marketing not only calls for having a social media account but also has a vibrant team behind the scene that keeps interacting with the clients. These interactions entail consistent posting of text messages, pictures, videos, and other relevant content that will promote the consumers' engagement (Packer, 2011).

The following pictures give examples of how major international companies use social media to market their products.


The following chart elaborates the main reasons why organizations use social media as a way of marketing;

Besides, most organizations have been using social media accounts to publicize their services and products. However, it is worth noting that social media advertisers have been providing services that are not fully accredited and credible. Similarly, there have been emerging contemporary issues in the use of social media marketing, particularly for a startup organization like Ultimate Lazer Tag. In most cases, the individuals who claim to be offering these services end up charging quite a tremendous amount of money regarding fees only to give poor results. In other words, some social media managers lack the full understanding of the perspectives surrounding marketers and consumers that can help the organization develop better social media marketing strategies (Heymann-Reder, 2012). Other service providers might not efficiently manage these accounts as it is supposed. Ultimate Lazer Tag, therefore, requires a well-organized team that will not only provide sustainable social media advertising but also offer a credible accounts management. According to a study conducted in 2016, the following are the numerical statistics on the use of social media in small-sized organizations;


New Findings

This paper will fill these gaps in this sector by providing excellent social media advertisements. It will be at the forefront in ensuring there are sustainable engagement platforms between the company and the potential clients in public. Also, it will ensure that the company's brand is well known and that the corporate image will be protected. Not forgetting the fact that it will ensure that Ultimate Lazer Tag acquires a massive following on the various social media platforms. This white paper will also ensure that the company has authentic social networks accounts and that they will be trendy and appealing to the massive following that makes up the potential customers. At an affordable fee, we will apply digital marketing methods that will increase the organization's visibility. Unlike other social media marketers, I will provide credible services that will enhance search engine rankings. By doing so, Ultimate Lazer Tag will have high levels of customer satisfaction and a suitable communication platform. Since the company opens in a year's time, creating a vast client base is of great importance, as it will boost the sales when officially opened. A considerable number of potential customers will know the company, even before its official opening (As supported in the table below).


Lastly, on this white paper majorly aims at upholding these services to all the potential customers and thus has a relatively broad audience. It is worth noticing that social networks have become a critical plan for higher levels of follower engagement, not only unswervingly, but also through driving cohorts of consumers through dynamic interactions and sharing of content. In the same intelligence, most challenges that international businesses encounter and the people who lead them are now, more than ever associated with the engagement and empowerment of the investors and customers. Social media podiums, on a large scale, connect billions of potential customers in a style that enables automatic sharing of vital products information and thus decreasing the chances of for marketplace misuse. Likewise, for most organizations and economic ventures, the use of social media in most instances begins at public communications or marketing. This white paper will give an insight of these services and how my team will do this job efficiently. Operational promotion on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, just to mention a few, brings out extraordinary success to the corporations, through the creation of enthusiastic brand promoters and even during trades. Through the creation of social media accounts for the Ultimate Lazer Tag, potential customers will have an easy time in tracing the products and services being offered.



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Journal, 9(4), 4444-4451.Table showing the use of social media in business enterprises

Twitter Facebook Google Blog YouTube

Conversion rate 1.63 2.44 1.35 7.45 1.26

Amplification rate 1.79 2.21 2.76 1.09 5.57

Applause rate 0.45 9.00 6.75 5.48 7.00

Economic value 0.12 0.27 0.98 0.98 1.05


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