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Essay on Communication Infrastructure and Human Rights

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Communication infrastructure has been improved in the recent times and decade through the continued development of technology. Communication infrastructure has increased the access to information which can be used as an avenue to champion for common human rights and also condemn human rights violations in the community. Communication infrastructure ensures that information flows quickly which enhances the overall surveillance on human rights violations. Communication infrastructure today champions for both human rights recognition and also human rights observance by both organizations and governments. In the past, human rights violations could go unnoticed due to the lack of necessary media to reach the masses and call for mass action. However, with high communication infrastructure development and the ease of access communication technology can be used to promote human rights with communication organizations being used as a watch dog for any violations and ignorant organizations that fail to observe simple human rights.

Research Question

How has communication infrastructure increased the championing of human rights across the world and the implication of high access to information on human rights?

Research Plan

Redefining the Topic

Redefining the topic helps in the creation of a good writing foundation that promotes the understanding of the concepts as well as the creation of the topic background. Redefining of the topic helps create the best information search that will meet the study needs and promote the credibility of the conclusions and the recommendations.

Establishing Information Resources on the Topic

Information sources play a significant role in the creation of a good research paper. Identification of the best information database to collect all the data and literature review for the essay will ensure that all the information collected is credible and of high quality. The research will use Jstor and EBSCOhost as the major databases for the information and resources that will be used in the research to identify the role of communication infrastructure in human rights campaign.

Preliminary Research and Literature Review

Preliminary research and literature review plays a significant role in every research paper. In this case, the preliminary research and literature review will be used to identify articles and books that have themes on the implication of information infrastructure on the overall human rights observance and accountability. The literature review process will identify a pool of twenty literature sources which will be screened depending on the information available about the topic. Of the twenty articles and books on the topic, only the best ten will be used to conduct the research. The literature review is the best approach to collect data and information on the topic because it is easy to access, saves time, highly credible, up to date, and less expensive compared to other information source approaches that could have been adopted for this research.

Analysis of the Literature Review

The analysis of the literature will play a significant role in the overall research by identifying the most critical information that can be adopted in the study and discarding information that is not relevant to the study. The literature review analysis will establish the common themes that will be used in the conclusions of the research. Further, the analysis of the literature review will help compare different studies to establish the research credibility.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The conclusions will deduce the most important information on the implications of communication infrastructure on human rights and highlight the most important information to note about the topic. On the other hand, the recommendations will point to the future actions that can increase the observance of human rights using communication infrastructure.

Essay Outline


Executive Summary


Literature Review


Identification of common themes on the role of information infrastructure in human rights

Assessing the significance of information infrastructure on human rights

Assessing the significance of increased communication infrastructure on human rights




Essay Introductions

Introduction #1

Communication infrastructure through information communication technology has significantly increased the ability of the communities to safeguard their rights in social and political environments. Communication infrastructure has led to the interconnection of the world which has promoted the access to information and also the ability to share information which allows communities to have knowledge of their rights. Therefore, communication infrastructure plays a significant role in the eradication of human rights ignorance and empowers the community and individuals through access to knowledge and tools that they need to question abuse of human rights and hold authorities into accountability (Lannon & Halpin, 2013).

Introduction #2

Information technology has expanded the access to information through diversified and integrated communication infrastructure. The interconnectedness of people is a significant tool for communities to act as watchdogs for any human rights violation and promotes the ability of people to enjoy their human rights. Communication infrastructure advancement promotes ease in sharing of information and makes domestic participation in human rights cases ensuring the popular majority can enjoy their rights. Human rights violations and inequalities can now be easily identified and a call to action initiated through digital communication and interconnection of communities. Communication in itself is a fundamental human right that promotes the realization of other human rights through the power of interconnection (Lannon & Halpin, 2013).


Lannon, J., & Halpin, E. F. (2013). Human rights and information communication technologies: Trends and consequences of use. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. P. 31-100

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