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Please Don't Threaten My Son for Dating Your Daughter - Article Review Example

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Middlebury College
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How does the writer connect with her audience?

The writer connects with her audience by using a catchy topic please don't threaten my son for dating your daughter. The writer also asks the question in the writings which capture the attention of the reader more. Why dont we, as parents, mutually do our best to raise responsible and capable children, instead? The writer also keeps the reader entertained and had vivid descriptions of events. The writer also shows us what kind of a person she is in this context by giving an example of her son.

How does she set up her Kairos moment (the moment she realized she needed to write this essay)?

She sets up a Kairos moment when a story in the newspaper that week had a picture of a father posing for a picture of her daughter. The comment written was Whatever you do to my daughter, I will do to you. The article was termed as funny. The real story came out to say that the picture had been taken as a joke.

What's her thesis (WHAT is she arguing and WHY does it matter)?

The thesis of her article is blaming the male gender for being hormone-controlled. The writer argues that not only are the boys controlled by hormones but so are the girls. The notion that boys should be let be boys is wrong according to her. The way a teenager behaves relies entirely on how they are brought up.

What do you notice about her diction (word choice) and tone? Why do you think she chose these styles?

The writers tone is convincing and calms using minimal vocabulary. She uses this so that she can communicate to different audiences and everyone can feel comfortable reading the article.

How is the essay organized? Try to identify topic sentences and explain why she goes from one point to another point.

Her topic sentences are the basis of her argument.''While the role of the overprotective father is not a new one, it is a tired concept that needs just to die, already.''is one of the topic sentences that deal with how overprotective fathers are of their daughters. The writer goes from the fathers to how teenage boys think.

How does she transition between topics?

She transitions from one topic to another by introducing the main ideas.

How does she show she understands her critic's POV?

She shows she understands her critics part of the version by also showing she understands because she has a son who is aged 16.

What is her call to action (what does she want readers to do with this information)?

Her call to action is that we should let the teenagers be and not threaten the boys because even the girls undergo the same hormonal changes and are also curious.

Part two

In the story, the boss's son, the son asks for money from his wealthy dad and instead the father gives his son a job. The son can earn money and still acquire skills and values like hard work from working. The father makes his on start from the lowest point and works his way up. Just like what the writer in the article speaks about, fathers should teach their sons how to behave. The responsibility of character should be built throughout, and virtues will be acquired in the process of growing and learning. The children behave according to how they have been taught.

In the story of lineage, the role of the father in a son's life is brought out just like in the article. In lineage, the son who was brought up in crime seeks to build his life away from crime, and his father comes back threatening to crumble all the son has worked for. The role the father plays in a sons life is crucial and if not well established could destroy the son. In the article, fathers should guide their, especially in their teenage life. The decisions they make are based on the background the father set for the child.


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