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Essay about Lorenzetti Art

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Compare and contrast Lorenzetti's enthronement scene with those from Ilkhanid Iran and enthronement scenes of the Virgin Mary.

Lorenzetti enthronement scene demonstrates martyrdom of Franciscans that depict garbs of Mongol commander of thousand Siena. Ambrogio Lorenzetti is one of the Sienas most original and accomplished artists. His enthronement is an imagistic restatement of the Franciscan history and ideology. The expository and non-sequential quality of the martyrdom of the Franciscans is sui generis. He also demonstrated the allegory of good and bad governance. IIkhanid Iran enthronement scenes use unique IIkhanid designs; they are rounded. Their drawings consist of two separate enthronement scenes, that of the ruler and the consort. The closest analogs of these designs are that they follow metalwork and lavishly decorated medallions. The Virgin Mary enthronement is viewed as a belief and others as a myth as an imperceptible and lively element. Its enthronement is a representation of Christian iconography. The virgin Mary enthronement is a colossal figure of Christ and her sin immortal representation. Lorenzettis art of wooden pillars is similar to the house in which Virgin sits (In the birth of Virgin painting). The three kinds of work are different; Lorenzetti enthronement scene demonstrates martyrdom of Franciscans, IIkhanid Iran enthronement scenes use rounded designs while Virgin Mary enthronement is a representation of Christian iconography.

Why do you think do Mongols appear in Italian painting at that time?

Mongols appear in the Italian arts due to the historical relationship between Mongols and other regions in Italy. Mongol empire had major artistic centers under the Mongol Ilkhanate that included the Tabriz workshops originated from Tibetan, Chinese and Iranian traditions. Italian art is a representation of a quite neglected history between Italy and various states particularly those founded by successors in Central Asia, China, and Iran.

What is most likely Lorenzetti's source for the composition of the painting?

Lorenzetti was a Sienese painter who art was thought as an extension of Duccios art that rendered solidarity and emotional depth. He was influenced by a sculpture of Giovanni Pisano and a contemporary work to Florence. Largely, Lorenzettis source of painting comes from other artists.


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