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Supervisor: Position Requirement and Specifications. HR Essay Example.

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Basic Role Purpose

The job description is a supervisor of a customer service call center. The individual will be in charge of handling employees who produce the organizations services. He or she will act as the link between operative employees and other managers in the company. The fundamental purpose is to become a sponsor, coach, educator, counselor, and director. To be effective in the supervisory job, Rue & Byars (2010) affirm that the key features of the position are that the individual must be a good decision-maker, communicate well with people, manage to delegate, plan, train, motivate, appraise performance, deal with people in other departments, and make proper work assignments. The supervisory job fits into the company because of the high number of call agents who need a competent supervisor to keep track their work. The supervisor needs to be available to organize, direct, and manage the teams operations.

Duties and Responsibilities

Manage a team of call center agents

Monitor queue and track inbound calls

Be available to answer any questions posed by call agents

Perform monitoring and evaluation tests weekly

Review agents performance with the agent

Assess call agents needs

Measure actual performance as compared to planned performance

Work with the human resource personal to plan staffing within the company

Ensure administrative book keeping is up to date

Keep track of attendance and daily statistics of call agents

Determining the most effective way of achieving work within the unit

Determining the most effective way of achieving organizational objectives

Distributing work among call agents

Arranging the smooth flow of work

Motivating employees by encouraging participation and cooperation

Handling conflicts within the organization

Counselling and supporting employees

Establishing performance standards

Monitoring performance

Improving productivity through the control of costs and inventory

Ensure safety within the workplace

Assess both new and existing skills of call agents

Outline job description and the hiring criteria

Update measurable qualitative standards that help to track call agents performance

Channeling and directing employee behavior towards the achievement of organizational goals.

Organizational Relationship

The supervisor needs to report to the middle management. Rue & Byars (2010) indicate that the middle management is usually the supervisors boss. Some of the direct reports, which the supervisor needs to have include those of agents strengths and weaknesses, operational and budget process, and performance appraisals. Writing reports will require strong technical skills because the manager will need them weekly. According to (n.d), supervisors should evaluate results achieved by the work unit and report them to their manager. As he explains, the evaluation process involves determining if planned goals and objectives have been met and how efficiently they were met. Moreover, the author adds that the senior management establishes the format and content of the reports to ensure consistent reporting across the organization.

Position Requirement and Specifications


College graduate

Prior Work experience

Should have worked as a supervisor in a call center

Must have worked as a union officer

Skills Required

The skills required to be considered for the job include the following,

Technical skills the supervisor should comprehend how the employees perform their jobs. Rue & Byars (2010) affirm that the supervisor must manage to operate a word processing program, design a brochure, produce reports, and training employees to make use of the new budgeting system.

Conceptual skills the supervisor will need to understand the different departments in the organization and establish how they relate to one another. Rue & Byars (2010) indicate that the supervisor ought to possess aspects such as planning, organizing, and decision-making.

Human relations skills - the supervisor has to understand the work environment and work well with the employees. As Rue & Byars (2010) affirm, aspects such as interviewing job applicants, forming partnerships with other companies, and resolving grievances are part of the human relations skills.

Communication skills - Rue & Byars (2010) affirm that good supervisors should have effective communication skills through giving clear guidance, interact with employees, and persuade employees to work. Additionally, Furst (2014) asserts that a good supervisor has to communicate both horizontally and vertically to avoid liabilities.



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