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Essay on Components and Functions of a Comprehensive Human Resources Management Program

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A human resources management department in an organization helps in ensuring that the operations of the firm run smoothly by taking into consideration many accounts including the interests of the management, the workers, the staff, and the consumers. The human resource management department, therefore, stands out as a significant component in an organization due to the numerous primal roles which it plays. A firm which does not have a human resources management program is likely to experience a difficulty in its production process. The regulations set out by various regulatory bodies require that a firm should have a human resources management program as a basic requirement for its operation in the industry. A comprehensive human resources management program is signified by a variety of components and functions.

As the human resource manager at Western Springs Drinking Water Company, I had the responsibility of managing, recruiting, and hiring employees for the company. I also had to ensure that the employees demands are met, and the consumers interests are satisfied. Managing the manner in which the employees were to conduct their various duties was a hard task when it came to deal with new employees in the organization. Ensuring the health and safety of the employees was also another responsibility that I was designed to attend to while working at the company. The structuring of the companies activities relied on my consent and my effective working with other members of the human resources management department.

Prioritizing on the sustenance of the organizational culture is one of the primal roles played by an office manager. I had to set some policies and regulations to govern the manner in which various activities and situations were handled within the organization. I was also tasked to set the companys standards and procedures as a guideline for the people working within the company. The company was meant to foresee any interpersonal skills that would influence the way in which the employees related within the organization as an impact on the production level of the company. As a manager, I also had to initiate any change within the company with an active involvement of the employees and the management system. The world is turning into a global village, as such; it is upon the human resources management program to ensure that a firm meets the market and industrial requirement of any technological or regulatory changes that come along.

The human resources management program is comprised of components such as the organizational culture, any changes within the organization, the security, health, and safety of the company, training and development of the employees at whatever level in the organization, and the retention and recruitment of workers in the company. Organizational culture is to comprise of practices such as innovation which guides the employees towards better performance within the organization by the bringing in of new ideas for the growth of the organization (Dodge, et al., 2017).

The Sequence of functions by which an organization meets human resources requirements

Despite the existence of a human resources department in an organization, there are several sequences of functions followed for the initiation of the department and its full segmentation to meet the human resources requirements. The human resources management is supposed to take into account several responsibilities within an organization as a way to make sure that the organization stands out in the market according to the requirements stipulated as a necessity. An organization has to ensure that it is big enough and has the relevant attributes that require the human resources management program.

At California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS), where I was working as the Office Technician Clinical Administrative Operations Branch, I had to ensure that the day-to-day administrative operations in the clinical branch were smoothly run. I also had to assign duties and monitor how employees conducted themselves in the line of duty as I assisted in the Human Resource administration. Ultimately, I had to come up with the report of how everything happened in the workplace and who did what. The organization organized seminars and conferences for training individuals on how Correctional Health Care Services were offered, how one was to conduct him or herself in a correctional healthcare facility. The organization also had to recruit individuals in the workplace to incorporate new skills.

Enforcing the necessary changes in the institution was another sequence of function through which the CCHCS met the human resources requirements. Coming up with a distinct organizational culture as a devise mechanism of how the institution was to look like and what was expected of those who were within the correctional facility including the inmates. Keeping the records of the inmates in the correctional facility was another task which I performed in line with the human resources. Conduction of reference checks on a daily basis as a sign of accountability was mandatory. The inmates and the guards safety and health were to be accounted for and sustained optimally within the correctional facility boundary.

Key principles of Equal Employment Opportunity Law and regulations that impact the employment environment

When employees work in a certain place, they are guided by certain laws and regulations; these regulations also function as a way to protect the rights of the employees in and out of the organization. Employees are entitled to fair treatment while operating in a certain employment environment; any prejudice or bias activity or behavior in any manner is a violation of what needs to take place in an employment environment. The advertising of an employment opportunity should be open and not limited to specific people as any form of societal injustice. Thus, the community is entitled to the freedom of applying and going for job interviews in the organization when an opportunity arises. It is good to incorporate a lot of people from different backgrounds as long as they have the required skills and knowledge to work in the organization.

Working as the Staff Services Analyst/Associate Governmental Program Analyst in the Department of State Hospitals Sacramento; Budget Management Branch has me deal with many people from all across the state whom I am to be accountable for their financial consumption. Executing the budget and remitting finances to different bodies within the Department of State Hospitals is a committing task based on the complexity and the identicality of operations in the department. There are different job groups within the job department, the higher the job group, the higher the amount of money an individual gets. I have to explain how the cash is distributed to other departments within the hospital and how each job group is composed based on the individuals within that job group. The people working within the organization are from across the country and they are guided by several procedures and policies that unite them as a family.

As the Manager at Waterman Square Property Management, I had to ensure that the caretakers of the different apartments owned by the management were prompt in work. The tenants were to give feedback on how they were treated by the caretakers who were the representatives of the management at the specifically assigned apartments which they safeguarded. The security guards also had to report in time at the apartments where they were assigned. The rules governing the stay of the tenants at the property were hanged at the notice boards around the apartments. There were employees who were dealing with the repairs of the apartments and any administrative work for the Waterman Square Property Management. The employees and the tenants had the freedom to express themselves on the changes which they thought best for the management to implement for better living standards. Working with people at various levels is an excellent way of administering interpersonal skills and a good interactive environment.

The management and motivational strategies and processes necessary to foster a productive work environment

Motivation is an essential component of a productive firm as it creates amongst employees a working spirit which influences the productivity of the firm. How the management executes its delegated roles to its subjects will influence the manner in which the workers and other people work within the organization. According to Cherry (2016), intrinsic motivation is the behavior that is directed by rewards internally. Public organizations deal with people from different communities with different cultures. It is upon the management through the help of the employees and other staff members in the organization to see to it that the human behavior is managed as far as the organization is concerned. The people working in an organization are required to appreciate the significant role played by the management for having employed them and bring out the best in them without being pushed around. Allowing the employees to actively participate in the activities hosted by the management of the organization.

Working at California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) as an office technician - Clinical Administrative Operations Branch helped me to learn more about the significant impact that motivation has on the productivity of workers in an institution. The staff working in the healthcare department used to come to work early do their tasks in time and accurately which were unlikely happenings that I had witnessed from working in the Electronic Health Records System. At the Electronic Health Records System, the staff used to report to work late, and leave early. At the end of the week at Clinical Administrative Operations Branch, the management used to recognize the efforts made by every member of the work team at the hospital and commend them for the job well-done. Trips were organized, parties for celebrating various events of the company including the birthday parties for the employees were well-accorded, organized, and attended by the whole team working at the institution. There were awards at the end of the month for the most hardworking employee, the smartly dressed, the best time-keeper, and the most attributive employee among other awards.

The management needs to motivate the workers in the organization for them to feel that their efforts are being appreciated; this encourages the workers to be more than willing to give the best inputs while executing their duties at the organization (Baldegger & Gast, 2016). The motivation of workers enables a firm to grow efficiently when it comes to matters related to performance. Drawing of various initiatives aimed at enhancing the organizations growth by actively involving all the relevant parties such as the workers, the investors, and the subordinates with directives from the management create a good ground for consumers to gain interest in the services offered by the organization.

The significance of cross-cultural differences in the management of multinational business

A multinational business is an entity that deals with business activities across many countries around the world. An example of a multinational business is the phones and accessories productions, for instance, the Apple Company that produces and sells iPhones, iPads, iPods, and MacBook. Multinational businesses have established several markets, companies, and stores in different countries which sell and market the products which the business specializes in producing. As such, the businesses deal with people from different places with diverse cultures which the company has to adapt....

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