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Paper Example on Problems Associated With Project Scope

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According to Guide to the project management body of knowledge, (2017), Project scope is part of the project planning that involves determining and documenting what goes into the project and what factors define the success of the business. In any project, risks are inevitable and are hidden in unlikely places. Scope being the determinant factor in the success and failure of the project, managers require to direct their attention to issues and handle them probably to prevent significant damage to the stakeholders interest. This paper therefore briefly discusses the problems associated with project scope.

According to Kendrick & Dawsonera, (2009), there are three main problems affecting the definition of project scope.

Scope creep

Scope creep refers to the addition of new requirements into the project which were not considered during the planning phase. Due to other external factors such as technology changes and adjustment in user needs, managers are plagued with scope creep which forces them to adjust the initially budgeted tasks (Richman & American Management Association, 2006). However, in my opinion, scope creep must be kept under control while considering necessary budget changes based on the project team demands.

Poorly defined project scope

A precise definition of all work that is necessary to bring the project to success is key to the planning phase. Developing functional scope statement is critical, and it calls for project managers to keep a close eye on project charter for them to understand how they are going to do things. In our business, we get rid of this problem by considering the steps that must be taken when things go off the truck.

Lack of communication with stakeholders

Lack of communication leads to misinterpretation in design and requirements for the project (Gottesdiener, & Safari Tech Books Online, 2002). Managers should work with stakeholders to discover what is expected of each party. The scope document must be shared with all stakeholders.

In conclusion, project scope management has several problems that require managers to deal with management issues that appear at different stages of the project. Managers should work collaboratively with stakeholders as in many cases what seem like an excellent idea end up throwing the project away from the set objective.


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