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HRM Essay Example: Workplace Conflicts and Possible Outcomes

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The first cause of conflict between police and the management is lack of shared understanding. While the administration is not able to recognize that cutting wages would put police officers into a financial crisis, same officers are also unable to understand that extra payment by one officer draws a lot of money from the state at the same time blocks other people from getting employed. The second cause of the conflict is poor communication. Even if the pay cut were reasonable, it would have been procedural if the management communicated the plan early enough for the officers to plan themselves financially. Lastly, competition is another factor in this case since salaries are determined by the rate at which employees work. This has not gone well with the mayor who feels that police officers are earning more than they should get.

If the conflict is not solved, a strike is the first possible outcome. Protest through the strike is the most probable avenue through which employees are likely to register their feelings. Work negligence and boycott is the next outcome. While some police officers may be afraid of participating in the strike, they are likely to embargo their duties intentionally.

In the long term, the rate of crime will increase since employees shall lose morale of working hence proscribe their duties. This will give criminals an opportunity to participate in their evil activities which then would escalate the rate crime in the region. The rise of criminal events can also be championed by the officers who may then look for extra cash to settle their loans that were taken as a result of the pay rise. Another possible long-term outcome is a poor relation of the officers with both their bosses and the state management. When complaints which lead to conflicts are not solved, there are possibilities of poor working relationship and bad attitudes among the parties involved.

The first way of resolving the pay cut conflict is to allow for negotiation to suspend the plan and reduce overtime duties. Since some of the officers have loans and other expenses as a result of the current pay, it is of great importance to engage them and inform them of the effects of such overtime salaries. This will allow them to give out their views on when and how the new plan should work. The second way is to make a personal decision that will be favorable to other parties. A leader is an individual who sees an opportunity where others see difficulties. In this particular case, it is essential to reduce the overtime instead of eliminating it at once. This will serve both parties pretty well. Lastly, it is significant to involve the industrial court to determine if the action to cut pay is right or wrong. This will give the parties an opportunity to see where they went wrong and the officer who will disobey the court rule should be relieved of his/her duties.

A Plan for Positive Work Culture

One component of the work culture that prevents negative conflict is training. Continuous training of both employees and managers on how to deal with and avoid conflicts of the workplace is one of the best remedies that should be employed by all organizations. This entails detailed skills training on operative communication and management of conflict. Training can be scheduled twice or three times in a year. Another component is setting workplace-conflict guidelines which can be used by employees to resolve disputes. This can be reporting procedure where a team is composed of handling such issues. It is essential since it allows the conflict to be solved in its early stages.

Conflict Job Description

Ability to identify changes in behavior, attitude, and approaches of employees that may escalate conflicts within the organization.

Ability to discipline workers who repel efforts to resolve conflicts in an organization.

Conflict Interview Questions

Think of any situation in which you differed with the idea or direction of your boss. What did you do to disagree professionally? What are your thoughts on the particular case?

When you think about an experience with conflict resolution and disagreement, how would you level your expertise in managing differences of opinions? Kindly provide an example that demonstrates that skill.

Provide a time when you did not agree with an opinion of your colleague. Which method did you use to approach the disagreement?

One of the methods of evaluating employee relationship is one to one meeting. It creates a communication network for employing the critical management foundations. The relationship of employees during these assemblies can be used to evaluate the relationship among the employees in the city department.

Secondly, most organizations use questionnaire method of evaluating employee relations. This can also be employed in city department of police. It has a list of questions which are used to assess and identify the problem employees are facing. It also provides workers with an opportunity to address certain features that should be implemented within an organization

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