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Healthcare Delivery in Canada - Coursework Example

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University of Richmond
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Course work
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Canada is among the countries that have experienced the evolution of healthcare. Canada is one of the nations with various districts, and all its healthcare is now being organized regarding the functions they do at the district level and tend to be so much concerned about protecting the territories than the quality of service to its patients. This article aims at analyzing healthcare integration in Canadian provinces as a result of the increasing population.

As indicated by Leatt, Pink and Guerriere (2000, p.17), all Canadian provinces started struggling with the rising population and working on the expenditures in the way of avoiding jeopardizing the access and the quality of healthcare. To be specific, Ontario province was reported to be increasing regarding the population thus the need for an integrated healthcare was initiated. The Ontario province realized that the people of the province were significant to the point that without attaching physicians and pharmaceuticals with answerable responsibilities would fail to provide an integrated healthcare delivery. For that matter, Ontario province restructured the Health Service Reconstructing Commission of 1997 to distribute healthcare widely and with great responsibilities (Leatt et al., 2000). There were several proposals for pilot projects and later led to re-investment in the Ontario province community settings. There is regional healthcare in Ontario making it possible for transferring responsibility for the allocation of resources from the provincial level to regional level.

On the other hand, the British Colombia province has enhanced an integrated primary care. In those centers, the residents are given Enderby primary care as initiated by two full-time nurse practitioners (Hutchison et al., 2011). There is the prevention of hospital readmissions in small regions in the province since the province has initiated plans of making a lab for all tests and has enhanced the knowledge of diabetes with improved self-assessments and supportive treatment and preventive programs.

The advantage of being in a more integrated healthcare system is that it offers a chance for the most vulnerable patients are given special treatment. For instance, Northern Health centers like the Blue Pine Clinic are capable of dealing with special case-patients. Also, the integrated system enhances quality and reduces the number of hospital readmissions. Additionally, it reduces the bulk of documentation. On the other hand, integrated healthcare might end up making some regions to be served by poorly trained personnel due to lack of enough nurses and doctors.



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