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Health Care Research Analysis and Utilization

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases amount to 31% of deaths across the world (World Health Organization, 2017). This paper examines the complexity of cardiac catheterization and why novice should not engage in the development of tools for examining anxiety.

Care Research Analysis and Utilization

Cardiac catheterization, according to Buzatto and Zanei (2010), is a medical procedure in which a thin hollow tube (catheter) is inserted into the heart. The tube is fitted along with a colored ink that helps in observing the flow of blood through an x-ray. Because of the complexity of the procedure, medical practitioners are required to conduct analysis and collect accurate data to avoid errors that can lead to fatal consequences including death of the patient.

Novice researchers, according to Polit and Beck (2017), should avoid taking complex medical experiments which are not well acquainted with. As a professional, I would not engage in helping a peer or a manager in developing a new tool, especially when the instrument is required to be used in testing a process as complex as cardiac catheterization. Instead, I would request my peer and the manager to look for previous research on the tool for examining anxiety. However, an armature should be discouraged from engaging in the development of a medical tool because of complexity and the high level of expertise required. This is supported by the fact that medical tools are usually taken through a rigorous process of testing their accuracy before being used in a given real procedure (Shah, Robinson & AlShawi, 2009). In this regard, I would recommend the peer or the manager to examine an alternative way of testing anxiety such as using instruments that are already in use rather than focusing on developing a new one.

Medical procedures, such as cardiac catheterization, are very complex and therefore require a high level of care and accuracy. Consequently, a novice should not engage in the development of any medical instruments but rather focus on using the medical tools that are already tested and proven by the experts.



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